Nintendo to partner with Universal Studios for new theme park

Jump into your Tanooki suit and prepare for takeoff! New details have emerged regarding a potential Universal Studios-Nintendo Theme park.

In a video posted Thursday morning by Universal, Nintendo creative head Shigeru Miyamoto and Universal Creative President Mark Woodbury highlighted the new vision of the potential park.

Promising an "immersive" experience, the Nintendo Park will feature "interactive" attractions, meant to bring guests of all ages into the magic of the Nintendo properties.

Specific attraction plans have not been detailed yet, let alone a timeline, but parks will reportedly be brought to all three of the American Universal Studios locations: Orlando, Japan, and Hollywood.

Rumors of the deal circulated last year, but nothing concrete. Now that we know it's happening, we can only begin to imagine the wonders that await in a potential "Nintendoland."

Think of how cool a Donkey Kong Country cart ride would be. Or Mario Kart go-carts... or the Legend of Zelda puzzle rooms! Or Metroid-themed laser tag! Or an actual Pokemon Gym!

Well, OK, those ideas aren't the best, but if the Wizarding World of Harry Potter parks are any indication, Universal Studios has the wherewithal and creative juices to make a Nintendo-themed park something freaking awesome.