Apple having trouble with its heavily critiqued AirPods

Courtesy of Apple

Courtesy of Apple

Apple has been having a rough year in terms of innovation.  Especially after Microsoft introduced the Surface Studio.  Apparently, one answer to remaining on the top of the heap was the AirPods.

Individual earbuds wirelessly linked to a device.  Sounds like a good idea, right?  Ever wound up with just one sock after doing laundry?  Pretty sure that sock and the inevitably lost earbud are going to end up in the same purgatory.  Realistically, even their wired sets don't stay in your ear well.  I just picture walking down the street, one bud falls out, and the person behind me steps on it.  Now I'm out a ridiculous $159. 

Not only do you have impracticality from pricing to usage, the technical side is having problems as well.  Rumors have it Apple is having issues ensuring both buds receive signal at the same time.  To date, it's still 'Coming Soon' on their website, even after being announced that it would be available in October, then pushed back to December.

Personally, I have the LG Tone Pro and, compared to my old Skull Candy wired headphones, they are a huge step up.  And for $50, it's hard to turn it down.  I was hesitant, but being able to walk around work, not ripping my phone off my desk by accidentally catching a wire on something, not losing a bud, and getting pretty decent sound quality without bending over a table price-wise, it's a slam dunk.

Sorry Apple.  Looks to me like you have another dud on your hands.