Comic Review: World War X #1

"2017. On the Moon, a monstrous alien creature awakens from a centuries-long sleep, determined to put an end to mankind. Humanity's only hope? Helius, a tired and battle-weary veteran of an ancient war..."

That's the tag line for this comic. That is enough to have me intrigued. Throw in the amazing artist Peter Snejbjerg (Preacher, Abe Sapien, Midnighter, Star Man, Animal Man, Teen Titans, The Flash...) and equally amazing writer Jerry Frissen (Lucha LibreExo...) you have me pre-ordering. This comic is a sequel to the World War X: Helius which was released in 2015. If you can't get your hands on the trade paperback, you can always go to Titan Comics website and pick it up there.

Best synopsis: Super old super human must save the earth from a malevolent ancient civilization. This is one of those comics that I don't want to spoil. Instead I will give you a few panels to give you a taste of the horror. 

The writing is great, the art is fantastic, and there is an old school horror/mystery component that is hard to find anywhere else. Do yourself a favor and pick up this book.

Rating: 8.5/10