2016 TV Jon Style

What did I watch in 2016 that wasn't sports or Star Wars related, you ask? Well, here you go:

(Note: The CW is not user-friendly with letting people keep up with current seasons, so Flarrowverse has been excluded)  

5 - The Big Bang Theory

Most of you are already saying gross and for the most part, I agree with you. This show depicts nothing for what the nerd culture is and that by itself can be discussed on its own BUT man this show is a guilty pleasure.

It makes me laugh I hate Sheldon Cooper with a passion and can’t believe someone wants to date and live with him. The situations in this show are terrible but the funny references and stupid laugh track comedy style keeps me coming back. I’ve been watching this show from the beginning so I feel like I have grown up right with these people.  Yes, it isn’t the best show in the world but I like it and it's number five on my list so BACK OFF.

(Editor's note: I used to be a hater for the reasons listed above, but I will admit that this show makes me laugh out loud more times than not -- BR) 

4 – Gotham

This show is just kind of blah. I’ve kept watching it because it’s kind of interesting at best. It’s basically a cop show with Batman villains and no Batman. You knew this already.

The characters they have been bringing for the first half of the season have been cool though. The guy who is playing the Mad Hatter, Benedict Samuel is brilliant he is very creepy and hypnotizes you with his performance and makes it extremely believable. Jim Gordon still has no mustache. I know you can grow one Ben so JUST DO IT ALREADY. Morena Baccarin is great as Dr. Tompkins and her story is growing increasingly as the season progresses. Robin Lord Taylor as Penguin and Cory Michael Smith as The Riddler are also fantastic. It’s like they got all the right people to play the characters but the plot and lack of Batman really makes it just a cop show yet still enjoyable.

3 – Atlanta

If you have watched Community, Listened to Childish Gambino, or watched his comedy special. You know that Donald Glover is a genius. This show I feel brings out truly what Donald’s comedy is all about. Very subtle and low key but when you put it all together if makes you laugh aloud. Donald not being the rapper in this show and just the manager to me makes awesome sense. He doesn’t seem or look like a typical rapper and his rap even shows that a lot. Donald’s comedy fits perfectly into the well-made show about love, loss and not having money and being smart and not knowing how to put that to good use in the rough parts of Atlanta. I really liked this show it’s not super nerdy but Donald is. He was going to be Spider-man remember?

2 – The Walking Dead

This show is understandably the best show on television. The opening episode in this season blew your mind. It was exactly what you thought it was going to be if you know what happens in the comics and then a huge twist as well. Kirkman himself is working on the show as well as the book so people who get mad that it differs make me upset. The show does however have its low points a lot of filler episodes which happen due to the whole crew being apart in some way or another. It however always seems to get you to come back Sunday after Sunday. It’s not even really about zombies. Yes, they play a crucial roll but they really are background noise for the drama induced scenario of living in a no law, apocalyptic waste land of a world with no real chance of a normal life in sight. Rick and Negans relationship make this show what it is. I’m very intrigued how they will overcome such a tyrant. If they ever get the chance too.

1 - Star Wars Rebels

See what I mean about predictable. The Star Wars guy has a Star Wars show at Number 1. Well like I said, it’s my list so Number 1 it is. Seriously though this show it freaking sweet. The beginning of the rebellion was a rough road man. Especially for this crew. Having to deal with Darth Maul alone is ridiculous. It just fits in the universe so well. From Ezra learning the force so quickly and Kanan having troubles keeping him in check. Perhaps he was too old to begin the training. Ezra receiving visions of “twin suns” The introduction of Wedge Antilles and increasingly more references to the original trilogy it's more than just a new Star Wars story its nostalgic. The Missions they complete to make the rebel forces stronger make you think man those are the Y-Wings that make the trench run on the Death Star or the run on the force field protecting Scarif in Rogue One. Yeah did you see Rogue One yet?

An Easter egg for ya. The Ghost is totally in that battle. That will be a fun perspective if they make an episode of that. Hera is my favorite part of this show. It’s almost like she knows anything they do is not going to work out for them. She is doing it because she must she has to stay strong for the crew. She makes that relevant when Grand Admiral Thrawn predicts her every move keeps a token of her Twi-lik people and has the rebels in a bind before he lets them escape and help is had. With Saw Gurrera coming into the new season when it returns in January it means that we will perhaps see how he got from Clone Wars Saw to Rebels Saw and how he is mostly machine at this point. Bring on the filler for this show I’d eat that for breakfast all day.