Carrie Fisher of Star Wars fame as Princess Leia dies at 60

Carrie Fisher, knowns as Princess Leia from Star Wars, has died at the age of 60. 

Multiple outlets, including the Associated Press, report that Fisher died Tuesday morning, Dec. 27 in Los Angeles. Fisher was had been in the hospital since Friday after suffering a medical emergency on a flight from London to LA. Some outlets reported it as a "cardiac" emergency, but the tried and true A.P. is sticking to medical emergency. 

She burst into the spotlight in 1977 with "A New Hope" and her famous line "Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope." Fisher played the renaissance, strong and defiant leader of the Rebellion, and captured the hearts of multiple generations with her ability to make an audience laugh, cry or think. 

Fisher reprised her role in "The Force Awakens" and was included in the recently-released "Rogue One" as a CGI character. 

Our thoughts are with Fisher's family, friends, her beloved dog Gary and the millions and millions of people she impacted in her 60 years here on Earth.