Comic Review: Ringside #8

I have gushed from time to time over the Image Comics series "Ringside" from Joe Keatinge and Nick Barber. It connects two of my greatest loves, being a smarky professional wrestling fan and frantic reader of comic books. 

Issue No. 8 from the series really made me ask myself the question of, "am I, i n all of my smarkiness, the only one getting all the insider terms and deep wrestling innuendos?" 

The answer, in my opinion, is no. 

Keatinge and Barber have crafted a story, not just a professional wrestling story, but a dramatic story of anyone who has ever seen someone famous fall from grace and try and hang on. It also brings in the social card to make things interesting, of a closeted secret couple. 

Think of a comic book loosely based on "The Wrestler." That's what this feels like, hell, even one of the main characters slightly resembles Mickey Rourke's from the movie. 

Sure, this issue probably resonates with me more than it would the average reader but I think those unfamiliar with the pro wrestling world should still give it a try. Barber's art has been strong throughout this series, but I feel like he was a little limited by the slow-moving plot of No. 8. 

Rating 7/10: The weakest in Ringside's run, but still worth a read to keep up on the super interesting arc going on. There aren't many books like this out there.