Comic Review: Nightwing #10

It's been a weird few years for Dick Grayson. His identity was exposed, he was pretend killed, he worked a double agent inside a spy agency, most everyone on earth forgot who he was, he became Nightwing again to infiltrate the Court of Owls who wanted him for their Talon, lost any chance of reigniting things with Barbra Gordon, partnered with Raptor, got some people killed because he trusted his new partner, and now he's back on his own again and trying to start a new stint in the city he once swore to protect: Bludhaven.

Gratuitous Grayson Butt

Gratuitous Grayson Butt

Dick just needs a few months to find himself. He needs to operate independently like a normal(ish) person for a while. He has some savings, so he rented an apartment close to a community center where he can volunteer at. He can spend his days helping at risk teens and his nights reading books and watching TV. He will even be working with a cute social worker named Shawn. But Bludhaven has a crime problem, and no amount of new tourism ad campaigns can really change that. Dick's first night at home ends rather as you would expect; donning tights and jumping out the window to save the day.

Seems the police are after a murderer. When Nightwing catches up to the perp, he finds it's Gorilla Grimm. Grimm showing up in Bludhaven is unexpected, but Nightwing makes short work of him for the police. However, Grimm is adamant about his innocence. He tried going clean, that's why he moved out of Gotham. Before being led away by the cops, Grimm tells Nightwing that Shawn, the same social worker he was flirting with earlier that day, would vouch for him. She would explain to Nightwing that he is innocent in all of this. Dick tries to talk to the police but is quickly told to move on. Nightwing goes to check on Shawn Tsang at her apartment. He finds her in her in a costume holding cans of spray paint. She is "The Defacer."

This comic does allot for me. It covers allot of ground from dealing with the Bat-family to setting up a new daytime routine, to crime fighting at night. This is what the original Nightwing comics were about. Dick can't help but help people 24 hours a day, it's just who he is... or who he used to be. I'm glad that Seeley has brought him back to Bludhaven. The writing is smart and there is just enough of a mystery to get Dick's detective juices flowing once again. 

The combination of Marcus To's pencil and Chris Sotomayor's colors works well here. Based on To's previous work with Batwing I glad to see him work on another Bat-family character. While the detail between panels is at times inconsistent, it's not enough to distract the reader.

Over all, this comic points Nightwing in a familiar direction; a direction that feels more like a homecoming than a fresh start.

Rating: 9/10 Sexy Poses