Comic Review: AIYA #1

AHR Visions has been working to inject fresh ideas into a comic industry that until quite recently was not very representative of the comic reading audience. Alexander Cutri has been instrumental in helping tell and illustrate these ideas with Rebirth and The Eight. ow Cutri brings his own new original sci-fi epic AIYA to readers hungry for something a bit different.

I have armor for my beard

I have armor for my beard

The reader is thrust into an argument between two brothers who are speaking to each other in an alien language. Cutri transitions the language into English and the reader understand that the worlds atmosphere has been poisoned and one brother shot down ship of brother who seems to have treasonous intentions. The argument escalates until the brother that was fleeing vaporizes a section of a city he was fleeing from. The argument turns to a fight which gets interrupted by the extraction of the saboteur by his renegade forces. The beginning of a coup d'état unfurls as the traitors brother enacts his plan for dictatorship.

The pacing of the story matches well with Cutri's art style. It's cinematic while not being over-wrought. It's muted but not shallow. The character designs come to life later in the book when we see actual faces no longer hidden behind spacesuits. 

I'm exited for the second book in this series, though if the other books by AHR Visions are any indication, that may be quite a while.

Writing: 9

Art: 9

Score: 9