Sony's VR coming to the living rooms before Christmas

Well, according to Paul Raines (CEO of GameStop), Sony's version of a virtual reality headset is going to be on shelves this fall. He spilled the beans on "Mornings with Maria," a Fox Business Channel show. But if Fox Business Channel really cared about business, then they might want to ask Paul Raines why GameStop's stock has dropped over 40% sense last November. If he is trying to convince shareholders that Sony's niche product will help save their profits, then he might want to mention that they are closing more stores... which might help their bottom line.

Hey, we all love Oculus Rift... not enough to buy one, but we like the concept that there are other people who have them and might let us try them sometime. It's like 3D TV. Maybe VR and AR (Like Microsoft's Hololens) will become as second nature to gaming as two analog pads, but I think it's doubtful.

What do you all think?

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