Comic Review: The Amazing Spider-Man #9

Never stop, Alex Ross. 10/10 cover. 

Never stop, Alex Ross. 10/10 cover. 

After taking the last seven issues of The Amazing Spider-Man off, I was drawn back in by A.) a beautiful Alex Ross cover and B.) this new little tag in the corner informing me that this was the start of a new arc. 

Seriously, it's doesn't take up to much space, not distracting and it gives readers like me a chance to jump back in the game easier. 

So happy that I did, this book was Peter Parker and Dan Slott at their finest. The plot is back on Parker Industries, Zodiac and Scorpio. We get a heavy-dose of Nick Fury as he and Spidey travel to freaking space. 

This book was freaking easy to read. Slott has proven once again that he knows how to start a story arc. It might be another story when we get a couple issues deeper, but No. 9 was a Spider-central episode and really honed in on developing a compelling storyline. 

While Slott's story is on point, Giuseppe Camuncoli steals the goddamn show. Wow. His scenes in space were great, his facial expressions, action shots and consistency is second-to-none.

A book with an Alex Ross cover, Dan Slott at his finest and Giuseppe Camuncoli giving us Space Spidey and Astronaut Fury, there isn't much to complain about. 

Peter Parker is challenged to the most extreme by the Gemini Twins and Zodiac, as the weird as shit twins can see 24 hours into the future. Without spoiling anything, pay attention to the clocks on the first couple of pages. 

Very well done book. Go grab this one!

Rating: 8/10 One of Slott's strongest starts to an arc since his Superior Spider-Man days. From the Alek Ross cover to the Giuseppe Camuncoli art, this book has a pretty mouth.