NEW Captain America: Civil War trailer (Such Spidey, Much Wow)

The new trailer for Captain America: Civil War is here and now I'll stop talking, 


/squeezes lotions into right hand

//feverishly rubs palms together 

///watches again 

We get action scenes, quip one-liners and new footage. But, we're all here to talk about one thing, and that's Spider-Man. 

He comes in. Snatches Caps shield at Stark's command and then he even speaks! I'm a big fan of how the suit looks -- most notably the eyes -- and the way he sounds. Holland has the puberty, Peter Parkerish snap to it. 

Spidey comes in at a clearly tense scene. Handcuffs Cap with his web after Stark summons him with the "underoos" nickname and then calmly says 'hey, everyone."

End trailer.

Now, I'm excited.  

Movie drops May 6, 2016.