Let's breakdown Spider-Man's suit from the Civil War trailer

Most of us have seen the new trailer for Captain America: Civil War that dropped Thursday, March 10. For those who haven't, what the hell? Here's a link to the trailer. 

Welcome back. We got out first look at Spider-Man, and, of course, there were some on the fence about Web Head's new digs, but I, and what seems to be most people, loved it. 

The best features of the suit are unquestionably the eyes. The way the eyes move and scrunch up jumps right off the pages of an Amazing Spider-Man comic book. Job well done. This suit has seemingly combined all the great parts of the past two silver-screen incarnations of Spider-Man. 

UPDATE: Genius Droo presents genius Droo thoughts: "The sound of the tech whirring as his eyes move is BRILLIANT."

I completely overlooked that. Wow, I have now watched the last 8 seconds of this trailer another 12 times. 

The eyes have an animated feel to them, but, to me, that captures the essence of Spider-Man. He is a very animated (personality-wise) character, and taking away his ever-changing, moving and focusing eyes is a disservice to the character. 

The suit is very tight-fitting. It's got the new feel to it with an homage to the past in the eyes. In Dan Slott's current incarnation of the Amazing Spider-Man, the eyes are a little sharper with a green tint. The suit seen in the trailer and above .gifs, is a little more comparable to Todd McFarlane's. It's got a neat little logo, interesting texture and, most importantly, this mother fucker sparkles (it's shiny). 

It looks like their are little clips on Spidey's side, which might suggest web canisters. 

The trailer also produced my favorite .gif in a very long time:

Movie drops May 6, 2016.