'Batman v Superman:' First wave of critic reviews aren't great

Of the 41 critics who have reviewed "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice," only 39 percent give the movie a favorable review on Rotten Tomatoes. 

I'm going to highlight a couple reviews -- both positive and negative -- below:

It hurtles not with the kinetic momentum of Mad Max: Fury Road nor the comparatively spry skip of a Marvel movie, but with an operatic grandeur it sometimes earns and often doesn’t
— Jake Coyle of the Associated Press

Shit, Jake, that was a favorable review?

Overlong, underdeveloped and almost entirely humorless, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice may please die-hard fans by pitting two DC icons against each other. Everyone else may want to wait for the next Marvel movie.
— Rafer Guzman of Newsday


Constantly threatening to collapse from self-seriousness, this epic has way too much of everything, including CGI and Oscar winners up the wazoo.
— Lou Lumenick

A part of me dies each time I type one of these reviews out.


BvS will please those either waiting for the two main players to lock horns on a movie screen, or those who’ve just been pining for Wonder Woman forever.
— Brian Truitt of USA Today

We're getting a little better here. Nothing overwhelming either way, to be honest.

As a pure visual spectacle, however, Batman V Superman ably blows the hinges off the multiplex doors, and work to comprehensibly streamline the chaos, capably, captured by d.p. Larry Fong.
— Andrew Barker of Variety

Cringed at pure visual spectacle.

If Justice, with its sluggish script, isn’t quire the jaw-dropping eye-popper it should be, that’s okay. The cast is unimpeachable.
— Alynda Wheat of People Magazine

So, it's a shitty, boring script but the faces make up for it? No.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice just lands with a big thud.
— Mike Ryan of Uproxx
There are moments that make the whole enterprise worthwhile, and introduces an intriguing new Batman. But, it’s also cluttered and narratively wonky; a few jokes wouldn’t have gone amiss, either.
— Nick De Semlyen of Empire Magazine
No major blockbuster in years has been this incoherently structured, this seeming uninterested in telling a story with clarity and purpose.
— Robbie Collin of the Daily Telegraph


Those expecting BvS to be DC’s answer to Marvel’s Avengers will find it more akin to Snyder’s Watchmen instead.
— Jim Vejvoda of IGN Movies

All review synopsis taken from the Flixster app and RottenTomatoes.com.