Remember Deadpool's insane opening scene? Well, here's a lesson in movie magic

This one was too cool not to share. 

The opening scene -- and the one from the mysteriously released test footage -- from the "Deadpool" movie. Here's the video of some goddamn movie magic (that I originally came across on Stan Lee's website). wrote up a informative piece on this scene, and Atomic Fiction, a visual effects studio, put the video together: 

Nvidia designs graphics processing units for the gaming market, as well as system on a chip units for the mobile computing and automotive market, according to Nvidia. 

It’s a 90-second-long camera shot that weaves its way through a climactic, frozen-in-time, battle scene. Miller turned to Blur (studios) to develop the sequence, which was created entirely in CG. Blur was able to refine the design, quickly applying textures, global illumination and more — all interactively. That led them to complete and render the scene’s previz in just days. The result was a physically based render in super-high fidelity. So the executives at Fox could see exactly what the intended sequence would look like to give it the greenlight.

It's an insanely interesting piece that makes the whole process behind one of the most important scenes in comic book movie history easier to process. 

So much of this was done on a computer in front of a green screen. The visual effects crew deserves just as much credit in making Deadpool a real thing as Ryan Reynolds, Fox and Tim Miller get.

Without this scene, there is no backdoor release or subsequent internet frenzy! This is a very cool video about things that are way out of my I.Q. range. So, just sit back and check it out!