Review: 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' was all right (some spoilers)

"Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" is definitely about 30 minutes too long, takes itself too serious, but it's better than what it's getting credit for. 

Once it ended, the thought was ... "all right." 

Some parts are all right, others OK, some fun and it's not as atrocious as critics are saying. 

With two transcendent heroes in Batman and Superman locking up, Wonder Woman coming in and a $250 million budget, OK and all right should be considered disastrous. 

Ben Affleck, from what we see, plays an intriguing Bruce Wayne, and an aging, hellbent Batman. Henry Cavill was improved as Superman, the glimpses of Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman were some of the highlights of the film, and Jessie Eisenberg's Lex Luthor was engaging although albeit without an ounce of background story. 

Another thing, that I feel needs to be touched on ... WHY IS BATMAN MURDERING SO MUCH.

Was there like a DC braintrust meeting where they talked about how they could turn Batman into the Punisher? I know Zack Snyder has come out calling Batman's killings "manslaughter and not murder," but what the hell, man?

Batman is straight murdering. It's mind-blowing. They expect you to know so much going in, yet spit on everything you already know. 

This is one area where they dropped the ball; they expected people to know too much about the story coming in. To someone new to Superman or DC Comics, Lex Luthor is just some long-haired young rich guy that seems creepily upset with his dad. 

That's all we get on Luthor's background. That's a glaring hole. 

The plot not only has glaring holes, but I'm pretty sure, like 95 percent sure, that it actually doesn't make sense the more I think about it. There is still a 5 percent chance but all the dream sequences, magic bats who can make children fly, quick trips to Mexico to save one girl on a day that just so happens to be the Day of the Dead. Yeah. 

One thing Zack Snyder nailed, was the way "Batman v Superman" highlighted the fact that Superman could kill anyone, anywhere, anytime. Batman, who happens to be 20 years deep into being Batman, wants to take Superman down due to this fact, and even calls this mission "his legacy."

When Batfleck was on-screen, the movie was what it was supposed to be. A hero-centric, energetic drama. When it was elsewhere, most of the time in Metropolis, the movie was flat, drawn-out and filled with cheese-balls filled with cheesy dialogue soaked in death and despair. 

The movie fails to escape the feeling of being more "Man of Steel 2: We're Still Here" than "Batman v Superman." While it feels like an eternity to get to the big payoff scene, it is extremely pleasing upon arrival. 

Batfleck got nasty with building kryptonite-infused weapons and super-suit. The fight is fantastic, and like throughout the entire moving, is impressively choreographed.  If you've ever played a game from the Arkham series, the fights will put you right inside the game. 

It just takes too damn long. How does such a long movie leave so many holes unfilled, though?

The lack of a Luthor backstory leaves his master plan, although devious and impressive, a little flat. 

If we were going to use Wonder Woman in BvS, why wouldn't they give her more screen time? She was one of the highlights of the film and the Lasso of Truth looked fantastic. 

We get teases of the rest of the Justice League, which are cool to see, but makes BvS feel more like Man of Steel prelude to Justice League. 

There are holes; it's still fun in a blow-things-up-god-fights-humans sort of way. I think our official count on jokes was three or four, so yeah, don't come for the banter, come for the blow-things-up-god-fights-human stuff. 


Jeremy Irons and the Alfred character were completely wasted on forced comedic relief. 

Batman's suit, both of them, looked freaking awesome. 

They most certainly CGI'd a couple of inches to Gal Gadot in action scenes. 

The Batmobile was cool except that it had freaking dual-mounted Gatling guns. Is this Bruce Wayne or Frank Castle?

They wasted Doomsday early. 

The Batplane was weird. Just another Batpunisher murder tool 

Death of Superman storyline, huh, all rightttttt.