DC Rebirth Recap - A Snob's Guide to the New Line

If you tuned into DC Entertainment's live feed from Wondercon today, you were more likely elated with the direct-to-reader presentation which featured co-publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee and DC Entertainment Story Lord Geoff Johns debuting all the new creative teams. 

There were some surprises, some confirmation of suspicions, and some neat reveals that elicited excitement and disappointment. All-in-all, it was pretty gnarly. So, howzabout the new books? 

Action Comics (resuming original numbering)

Dan Jurgens returns to the main Superman line he once wrote so prolifically for, and will be joined by the always-rock-solid Patrick Zircher on art. The storyline follows the pre-Flashpoint Lois and Clark in the New 52 (Nu 52?) universe, where Lex Luthor has taken it upon himself to become Metropolis' new Superman. 

Excitement Grade: Three out of Five pelvic thrusts

Superman (New numbering)

Although it garnered only a passing mention at the press conference, Superman will be placed in the imminently capable hands of the sublime team behind the Batman and Robin series: Peter J. Tomasi handling the writing, Patrick Gleason on pencils, and Mick Gray on inks. That B&R run was on-par with Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo on Batman, so putting them on one of the most divisive characters around with a great chance to succeed? VERY excited to read. 

Excitement Grade: Five out of Five pelvic thrusts

New Super-Man (New numbering)

Graphic novel auteur Gene Luen Yang will seemingly take one  dash of his recent run on Superman and mix it with his masterpiece the Shadow Hero, and you've got his all-new book New Super-Man. It features a young Chinese man who suddenly develops Superman-like powers, and how he deals with them. Viktor Bogdanovic will handle the art duties. Meh. 

Excitement Grade: One out of Five pelvic thrusts. 

Supergirl (New numbering)

It may have taken a hit CBS show to force this title to gain more respect, but it's sure as hell worth it - DC signed Steve Orlando to an exclusive contract and put him on this book alongside artist Brian Ching. This seems like a match made in heaven, as Orlando excels at writing people who are outside the norm of mainstream superheroics, and Supergirl has been on those fringes since New 52 debuted. She's been redesigned superbly, and Ching's angular, energetic pencils seem like a fully capable force to bring Orlando's frenetic scripts to life. 

Excitement Grade: Four out of Five pelvic thrusts. 

Superwoman (New numbering)

We don't know too much about this book currently, other than the dynamic Phil Jimenez will be writing and doing art, alongside Emanuela Lupacchino. Jimenez had a beautiful run on Wonder Woman back in the day, and he's a brilliant comic creator who we've been praying to find an ongoing to work on. 

Excitement Grade: Three out of Five pelvic thrusts. 

Batman (New numbering)

We suspected it, we asked him, and now it's confirmed: Tom King -- one of comics' rising stars -- will be the new writer on Batman. Not only that, but he'll be joined by former Grayson cohort Mikel Janin on art duties, where his beautifully rendered action scenes and facial expressions will be highlighted. Unfortunately, they'll be joined to some extent by David Finch, who is mercifully removed from Wonder Woman. I've been over Finch since his Moon Knight run, so this leaves me unsettled. 

Excitement Grade: Four out of Five pelvic thrusts. 

Detective Comics (Resumes original numbering)

This one looks extremely promising - Bat-disciple James Tynion IV will be writing, Eddy Barrows (of Nightwing and Martian Manhunter fame) will handling art duties along with Alvaro Martinez. Batman will be teaming up with Batwoman to train Spoiler, Cassandra Cain, Clayface (?), and TIM MAWFUGGIN' DRAKE as Robin! It was described as a Batman boot camp, which sounds absolutely miserable for those involved, but great fun for readers!

Excitement Grade: Four out of Five pelvic thrusts. 

All Star Batman (New numbering)

Don't fret about Batman Grand Poobah Scott Snyder - he'll be taking on a neat project where Batman will be knee-deep into his rogues gallery; Snyder wanted a project where he could really sink his teeth into the Bat-villains, and this will give him a great opportunity to do so. He'll be joined by John Romita Jr, Jock, and Sean Murphy (who we are super-pumped for). 

Excitement Grade: Four out of Five pelvic thrusts. 

Nightwing (New numbering)

Tim Seeley thankfully stays with the continuing escapades of Dick Grayson as he transitions from super-spy back to his superhero moniker of Nightwing - complete with blue and black suit! The art duties will be performed by Marcus To and Javi Fernandez. Honestly, as great as Grayson was, it'll be nice to have Nightwing back in his tights, and hopefully keeping an eye on Bludhaven.  

Excitement Grade: Four out of Five pelvic thrusts.

Batgirl (New numbering)

With the promise of taking Babs out of Burnside, writer Hope Larson casts some skepticism on the title. She also has the unfortunate assignment of following one of the single-most influential creative teams the character has ever seen, and even aided by the incomparable Rafael Albuquerque on art, this is a pretty daunting task. They're going to have to win over a legion of fresh-faced fans. 

Excitement Grade: Two out of Five pelvic thrusts. 

Batgirl and the Birds of Prey (New numbering)

I mean, it's still a Birds of Prey book, soooo....yay! Two of the masterminds behind the CW's the 100, Shawna & Julie Benson, will be writing this book featuring Batgirl, a redesigned Black Canary, and the first in-costume incarnation of the Nu 52's Huntress! Pretty stoked to see how former Spyral agent Helena Bertinelli will end up with the two Burnside brawlers, especially with Claire Roe bringing the noise on art. 

Excitement Grade: Three out of Five pelvic thrusts. 

Harley Quinn (New numbering)

Amanda Connor and Jimmy Palmiotti return to DC's answer to Deadpool for probably more of the over-exposed same. Except now Harley more closely resembles Margot Robbie's version. Yippee. Joining the book are artists Chad Hardin and John Timms. Will be shipped twice a month to the surprise of absolutely no one. 

Excitement Grade: One out of Five pelvic thrusts. 

Red Hood and the Outlaws (New numbering)

Yippee ki yay, blanket bingos! Perpetual 90s icon Scott Lobdell returns to shart out action movie cliches and terrible dialogue with artist Dexter Soy, but this time the gang is joined by Artemis (the Amazon, not the Young Justice) and Bizarro. 

Excitement Grade: One out of Five pelvic thrusts. 

Batman Beyond (New numbering)

Dan Jurgens stays on the book drawn by Bernard Chang, and Terry McGinnis returns to the role of Batman of the Future that he should have never lost in the first place. Thanks, terrible DC epic events! 

Excitement Grade: One out of Five pelvic thrusts. 

Justice League (New numbering)

Amazing artist Bryan Hitch will be...writing...this book(?), with the art duties flowing to Tony S. Daniel and Fernando Pasarin. Shipping twice monthly, this book has made the odd choice of rostering two Green Lanterns instead of the traditional one, with Jessica Cruz (formerly Power Ring) and Simon Baz (the interesting new GL who was awkwardly shelved after a neat debut). 

Excitement Grade: Three out of Five pelvic thrusts. 

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps (New numbering)

It's worth a double-take when you think about it: every Earth-spawned Green Lantern goes by their given names except Hal, so wouldn't it make sense for him to just be Hal Jordan to the universe? Robert Venditti will be scripting the book, with art by Ethan Van Sciver (aka the Guy Who Always Seems to Do Green Lantern Books) and Rafa Sandoval. Shipping twice monthly, we're guessing this focuses on Hal and his interactions with everyone else, and hopefully he's out of his hobo-clothes and back into his uniform.  

Excitement Grade: Three out of Five pelvic thrusts. 

Green Lanterns (New numbering)

This series turns the spotlight on Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz (and hopefully makes use of the entire cast of characters that encompass the entire Green Lantern universe), but will be helmed by the red-hot Sam Humphries in his first DC book. The art team will be Robson Rocha and Ardian Syaf, and I've got pretty high hopes for it. 

Excitement Grade: Four out of Five pelvic thrusts. 

Cyborg (New numbering)

It's a real shame to lose David Walker off this title, and new scribe John Semper will have a lot to live up to. Will Conrad and Paul Pelletier will be providing art for the twice-monthly book, but the whole team will have to hit the ground running if they want to keep readers o this title. 

Excitement Grade: One out of Five pelvic thrusts. 

The Flash (New numbering)

There are quite a lot of people who are hoping for a rebound from the Venditti/Booth creative team that plagued the Flash previously, and odds are this should be a nice improvement: Joshua Willaimson (who worked on the criminally underrated Voodoo book when New 52 premiered) will be writing, and art duties will be performed by Carmine Di Giandomenico (who absolutely killed it in Peter David's most recent X-Factor) and Neil Googe

Excitement Grade: Four out of Five pelvic thrusts. 

Aquaman (New numbering)

The King of the Seven Seas gets one of the all-time best helming his title, with none other than Dan Abnett steering the ship. Brad Walker assumes art duties, along with Jesus Merino and Phil Briones also chipping in. With DC's new "Aquaman is the BESTEST" mantra implemented over the last 5 years, I think we can assume this book will kick a fair amount of ass. 

Excitement Grade: Three out of Five pelvic thrusts. 

Titans (New numbering)

Abnett continues the tale he's weaving in Titans Hunt (YES YES YES), and writes the book that many had been hoping for instead of the hot mouth fart Scott Lobdell gave them: Dick Grayson, Donna Troy, Tempest (aka Garth, aka Aqualad), and Arsenal take front and center. The only thing about this book that leaves any trepidation is Brett Booth will be the artist, who can go from incredible to bowel-jarringly bad from one panel to the next. 

Excitement Grade: Three out of Five pelvic thrusts. 

Wonder Woman (New numbering)

In a crazy turn of events, many fans had heard and were excited for the rumor that Marguerite Bennett would be piloting WW's book after Rebirth, but when it was revealed that none other than Greg Rucka would be returning to Diana's book after a lengthy absence the world of comics went BONKERS - the surprise announcement was the talk of WonderCon. Joining one of the best Wonder Woman writers of all time will be Liam Sharp on odd-numbered issues and Nicola Scott on even-numbered issues. Sharp will be drawing current continuity Diana, and Scott will be doing Wonder Woman: Year One (for six issues). PUMPED!

Excitement Grade: Five out of Five pelvic thrusts. 

Trinity (New numbering) 

Breathtaking artist Francis Manapul will be doing double-duty on this title, writing and drawing the three biggest characters in DC Comics' stable. Also contributing artwork will be Clay Mann. This is the first Big Three-centric book since the great Kurt Busiek took a swing at it, so I'll be cautiously optimistic. 

Excitement Grade: Three out of Five pelvic thrusts. 

Suicide Squad (New numbering)

So, it appears the film will further influence the comic as Killer Croc joins the team of Deadshot, Katana, Rick Flagg, and Harley Quinn, with other members soon to be revealed (any bets on Captain Boomerang or Enchantress, anyone?). This book will be written by Rob Williams (Who was killing it on Martian Manhunter), with art by Philip Tan and a young hotshot named Jim Lee

Excitement Grade: Three out of Five pelvic thrusts. 

Green Arrow (New numbering)

The return of the goatee! The hirsute Oliver Queen will have his adventures written by Ben Percy, and have art supplied by Otto Schmidt and Juan Ferreyra. There isn't much known about the narrative direction this book is taking outside of the return of Ollie's facial hair, but these two artists have phenomenal individual styles that could really be a boon to this book. Also of note? Green Arrow and Black Canary FINALLY meet up!

Excitement Grade: Three out of Five pelvic thrusts. 

Teen Titans (New numbering)

Percy will also be writing the new Teen Titans book, whose roster is comprised of Starfire, Beast Boy, Raven, Kid Flash (the new Wally West FINALLY dons the iconic KF suit), and Robin aka Damian Wayne trying to lead the team that clearly doesn't want his leadership. Artwork will be from Jonboy Meyers, who continues on the Teen Titans beat. 

Excitement Grade: Two out of Five pelvic thrusts. 

Deathstroke (New numbering)

I think this may be DC's 14th attempt at a Deathstroke ongoing (first time was the charm), but there's few better than venerated comics veteran Christopher Priest to take over the challenge. He'll be joined by an artist stable consisting of Carlo Pagulayan, Igor Vitorino, and Felipe Watanabe. Strangely enough, this will ship twice a month.  

Excitement Grade: Two out of Five pelvic thrusts. 

Blue Beetle (New numbering)

Two words for longtime Beetle fans: Ted Kord. Two more? KEITH GIFFEN. One of the main men responsible for the Blue Beetle/Booster Gold bromance, Giffen will be overseeing a very interesting book that sees Jamie Reyes interact with Mr. Kord, the previous iteration of the Blue Beetle. Art on this book will be from industry vet (and damn quality artist) Scott Kolins

Excitement Grade: Three out of Five pelvic thrusts. 

Hellblazer (New numbering)

So, let me get this straight: New 52 went from Constantine to John Constantine: Hellblazer to Hellblazer, as it was originally titled. Hmm. Whatever. SO. Simon Oliver will be taking a swing at one of older comic fan's most beloved anti-heroes, and it's anyone's guess who dark this book will be getting (Of note: Oliver is a British writer who wrote for Vertigo, so this has a better chance than most of recapturing old magic). Moritat (of Elephantmen fame) will provide the moody, creepy artwork.  

Excitement Grade: Three out of Five pelvic thrusts. 

Geoff Johns and Gary Frank will be combining forces on a Rebirth one shot to pre-empt all these changes, and Johns has intimated that there will be a HUGE piece of the Rebirth puzzle revealed in Justice League #50, as well as revealing the Joker's true identity, because who the fuck has ever wanted to know that and why does it tie into Rebirth? Also, whose hand is that urrbody is reaching for in the released picture? Apparently Johns has said it's an older character people have been waiting for. 

Also, there are still some unanswered questions that Rebirth has yet to answer, like who the creative teams behind Super Sons and Justice League of America will be, and where the fuck is Midnighter and any other Wildstorm character? Also, will New 52 Superman get phased out to make way for the Pre-Flashpoint Supes that Convergence kinda pushed onto a confused reading public? Where are the Omega Men? Martian Manhunter? The JSA? Dr. Fate? A lot of shit still needs accounting for. 

For all the frustrating components of the Rebirth announcement, there are more than enough enticing bits to make consumers chomp at the bit at getting some of these books into their grubby hands.