Kay Pike featured in the NY Post!

From the New York Post:

CALGARY, Alberta — Kay Pike stands in front of a giant mirror, dabs her brush into paint and touches it to her skin.

She’ll repeat the motion thousands of times over the next 12 hours as she transforms from a willowy blond artist to dark-haired Superman for viewers following along online. Twice a week, the 28-year-old turns her body into a different character for an Internet audience.

“We don’t talk about gender roles on my channel. In fact, when people say, ‘You should paint yourself as Superwoman,’ I’m like, ‘No. I want to paint myself as Superman,'” says Pike, who, when she’s done, looks like she could have been ripped from a comic book panel.

Pike is a fan of cosplay, in which participants wear costumes to represent a character from anime, comic books, cartoons, video games or movies.

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Hey, that's our Close, Personal Friend Kay Pike!

We had the tremendously talented Kay on in February, and we talked about marketing, Twitch, and the cost difference between cosplay and body paint (among many other things).

She was right in the middle of working on her excellent Captain Planet body paint during our interview (which you can see a picture of in the NY Post article).

Captain Planet Bodypaint I streamed on http://www.twitch.tv/kaypikefashion, And I am planning on Streaming a bodypaint...

Posted by Kay Pike (Designer/ Model) on Thursday, February 25, 2016

She's totally one of our favorite people in the world.

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