JK Simmons is the New Jim Gordon

In news that both breaks hearts and mends them, the Hollywood Reporter alerted the world to the fact that JK Simmons will be portraying Gotham City Police Commissioner James Gordon in the Justice League movie (and hopefully Ben Affleck's solo Bat-movie). 

Uproxx's Gamma Squad brings up an interesting point in their report, pointing out that Simmons is set to debut his grizzled police veteran in the Justice League movie(s), but not in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. 

The more interesting question is why we won’t see Commissioner Gordon in Batman V Superman, which takes place in both Metropolis and Gotham, if the movie’s dryly funny marketing is any indication. Is he retired and only appearing in flashbacks? Similarly, it’s certainly curious that an Oscar-winning actor with a busy schedule would sign on for what’s likely to be a tiny role in a big, two-part movie.
— Dan Seitz, Gamma Squad

It's a bit quizzical, yes, but that does leave things open for Simmons to appear in the highly-anticipated-but-not-yet-confirmed Ben Affleck solo Batman movie. 

Needless to say, booking the Academy Award-winning master character actor is a coup for Warner Brothers, as Simmons is an extremely talented actor who can access the full range of human emotion in an extremely powerful way. He can be weathered and gruff, yet there's a vulnerability he's able to access that should really convey the more human points of Gordon. He's older than Affleck without seeming feeble or unable to hold his own in combat or on the streets of Gotham, and as we all know, can sport some mean facial hair. 

To compaire:

Here we have the current commish of Gotham on 'Gotham,' Ben McKenzie, he of nary a real mustache. 

Now look at the reddish-hued facial glory field of NEW commish JK Simmons. Can you imagine that cropped into a badass 'stache? SPLENDIFOROUS.

This is also a HUGE strike against Marvel Entertainment, which really dropped the ball on trying desperately to bring Simmons back into the cinematic Spider-verse as J Jonah Jameson, which was preeeetty much the only good parts about Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy.