What's the point of a 'Venom' movie sans 'Spider-Man'

Let's all reminisce for a moment. 

Spider-Man was venturing into an expanding universe. While "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" was disastrously hard to follow/enjoy, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone were becoming an even stronger on-screen pairing. 

We were supposed to get the Sinister Six and Venom and all of that awesome stuff. The casting was great, but the creative team in control of the script, editing, directing, producing was a goddamn catastrophe. The "Venom" project has been attached to everyone from Josh Trank to Rhett Reese, so why is it finally moving forward now, when it has seemingly lost all of its reason to exist and momentum?

Fast-forward two years later; Tom Holland is about to appear as Spider-Man for the first time in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War and the cast for the official Spidey reboot is taking form. 

So, why in the actual fuck, is Sony moving forward with a "Venom" movie without Spider-Man. Take Spider-Man away from Venom and you've got ... well ... Venom without Spider-Man. He's one of Peter Parker's most popular villains and represents some extremely strong, engaging and revolutionary storylines. 

I just don't get the point of Venom without Spider-Man. He has a cult-following, no doubt, but he isn't the type of villain with the backing that you would ever imagine carrying his own movie. 

For those who forgot, Venom is Eddie Brock with the alien symbiote. The badass suit. The sweet, evil powers. Venom has never had enough of a following for anyone to think they could ever make enough money with a standalone film. 

Without a connection to Spider-Man, there is no point. With the way Sony's second go-round of Spider-Man ended, this can't even be considered a spin-off film. 

How will this movie start? How will it end? There is no Spider-Man. Yeah, this character has evolved and had some interesting standalone storylines but one thing has remained constant. 

Venom's endgame is always Spider-Man.

This is Sony making a comic book movie for the simple fact to say that they're making a comic book movie.

ALAS, there is reason for optimism:

Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach are apparently in charge of the film, and please god let this be more than just a rumor, with Dante Harper writing the screenplay. Harper penned Edge of Tomorrow, which in my opinion is one of the freshest, most original and creative science-fiction films of that past 16 years. 

If Harper is attached, then I will at least pretend to be interested. The best move for Sony is to pull back, reassess the situation and then .. sell all their property to Marvel. 

Venom was introduced by writer David Michelinie in 1988 as an  alien symbiote who needs a host body to survive. He's an all-time favorite villain of mine, but there is no merit to this without Peter Parker. 

Yeah, with Harper, Arad and Tolmach there is a chance this is a neat-o Sci-Fi flick, but without Spidey, why do you or I care? Currently (I think), Venom is Flash Thompson. He's most commonly associated with Eddie Brock. 

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Sony hopes "Venom" turns into a franchise.