'Hardcore Henry:' Third-grade reading level story that kind of looks cool

It's too easy to call something "not much of a movie, but a fun time."

This was one of those things that looked like it needing some experiencing, if you know what I'm screaming.

It's a high-octane, third-grade reading level first-person shooter. The movie starts off, for no reason, with slow-motion throat-slits, head explosions and other gross stuff they could think of. Seriously, the gallons of blood are at 15 and we haven't even seen sunlight yet.

In between the ever-growing body counts and lack of dialogue, I keep looking at my phone to see if it's over yet. This is one of those things that feels fresh, cool and inventive for about 20-25 minutes, then you're kind of just thinking "cool, cool, can you do anything else?"

(Before I forget, I was sitting in the middle rows for about 30 minutes of the movie and felt a little dizzy and put-off and then moved to the back row. Definitely start and stay in the back row. Maybe that's just me. I don't know.)

The story's thin-plot still has more twists in it than an M. Night Shyamalan daydream.

There is no story.

There is a lot of violent.

It looks pretty cool.

It, at least, I guess, tries something fresh with the camera angles.

This is very violent. Oh, I already said that. I just want to get that point across for anyone like me, who can handle his fair share of cinematic violence, but felt himself looking away and muttering "what the shit" to himself like a crazy person.

The idea is cool, but it's not going anywhere. Thanks for trying, maybe next time save a couple minutes on brain matter by replacing it with a plot.