'Suicide Squad:' New trailer shows Batman, Joker and fun? Are we sure this is still a DC movie?

Trailer first, words later: 

That was actually kind of fun. I honestly laughed at Harley ever time she appeared on the screen. Not in the, oh god this is embarrassing way, but in the "she's actually funny kind of way."

This is a well-timed trailer as news of the multi-million dollar re-shoots have been making the rounds since Batman v Superman: Dawn of the No Fun Zone dropped. This trailer is -- presumably -- made of shots from before the re-shoot, which is a good thing as reports had the re-shoots focusing on actually giving movie-goers a fun experience. 

This was fun. 

Now, there are going to be people out there who push up their glasses, turn off their PC game and say "there just really didn't capture the essence of Harley." I want you to block these people out, go to the movie without a preconceived motion and ask these naysayers "what do five fingers say to the face?"

She's fun, she's self-aware and she is bat-shit crazy. They're going to try and get it right, but if they don't, they look to at least be trying to make the character fun. 

We get healthy doses of Will Smith and Jared Leto's Jokes, and whoa, even some shots of Batman. This is a very well-timed trailer drop. 

WELL, that was my response. See below from the rest of the participating Court:

Is Suicide Squad really the redemption song for BVS?? Looking that way more and more every trailer.
— Jon
I will see this movie.
— Kevin
The vexxing line is the first time I’ve heard Robbie sound like Harley, well at least like the Harley in my head. Still terrified that Will Smith is just acting like this is Independence Day and he’s welcoming Joker to Urf
— Droo
Counterpoint: I’m not worried about WS I like Will Smith, I just don’t want it to be a Will Smith movie they need to share the shitty one-liners around
— Jon
WS as Deadshot > Eisenberg as Lex Luthor
— Kevin
That’s like saying ‘Well bananas and mayonnaise has to be a better sandwich than just shitting on bread.’
— Droo
is it out yet?
can we watch it now?
by “it” i mean the movie
because i love everything about that trailer
— Grant
Weird thing, the opening credits states that all people who love Eric Lindros can’t see this film.
— Kevin

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