Got Corset? Thanks to McCall's, You Do Now!


Sewing juggernaut McCall's has been gracious enough to make Court of Nerds a first point of contact for its line of costuming patterns, Cosplay by McCall's.  We wrote about the last batch of amazing patterns designed specifically for cosplayers (I'll will be posting a play-by-play of the construction of my Hawkgirl wings using their Flight pattern), and today they are launching their latest patterns in the line: CORSETS!


As a cosplayer and a history nerd and reenactment enthusiast, let me tell you a thing about corsets.  They are necessary.  Are you wearing a Victorian/Elizabethan/etc-inspired costume?  You'll need a corset.  Steampunk?  Corset.  Hell, are you just straight-up looking for an hourglass figure for your look?  Corset.

Cosplay by McCall's is coming out with two corset patterns, one underbust and one overbust.  The Shapeshifter pattern is an underbust cincher, perfect for whittling down the waist, and the overbust Cinched pattern is an overbust, and both come with tips and tricks for using difficult fabrics for corsetry.

These patterns are the love child of McCall's and costumer Kelly Cercone of Anachronism in Action, a cosplay company focusing on historical costuming and corsetry.  "It was my goal to create a versatile range of corset patterns for cosplayers," Cercone says.  "Curvaceous, sturdy, easy to fit, and even easier to creatively adapt to bring any character to life."

The patterns will be priced at $21.95 each, and come in sizes 6 - 24.  They will be available exclusively on the Cosplay by McCall's website, along with some other baddass costuming patterns and tips!