Comic Review: Xena: Warrior Princess #1

Oh, Xena.  The perfect specimen of feminism and womanly power.  Beautiful, strong, intelligent, and in control.  Also she wore a lot of leather and liked to throw chakram while battle screaming.

Yep.  Xena is my kind of woman.

I love Xena.  I grew up loving Xena.  I named my dog Xena.  I love all things Warrior Princess.

Eh.  Almost.

Dynamite's Xena: Warrior Princess #1 hit shelves today, much to the excitement of many long-time fans.  I read it, and am left with a feeling of slightly-more-than-"okay".

The book takes place long after the series, with Xena and long-time companion/soulmate/probably-lover Gabrielle returning decades after the final battle with the gods.  The beginning of the issue is....confusing for most, I imagine, who either haven't finished the series or haven't seen it in a while.  Genevieve Valentine (Catwoman, Batman & Robin Eternal) assumes that everyone already knows Xena and her entire story, which can be a pro or a con depending on who is reading it.  The writing is...again, "okay."  Nothing is horribly exciting, the humor is hardly enough to make one laugh out loud.  It felt like watching an episode of the series, but fast forwarding through most of it and stopping here and there and hoping you'll "get it."

The art is hit or miss.  There are a few panels here and there where you can see Lucy Lawless' and Renee O'Connor clear as day, and others where the resemblance is lost.  What I do love about Ariel Medel's work is the coloring; it's rich and vibrant, and really brings to mind the television series and the ancient feel of a comic set in ancient Greece.

Verdict: 5/10 Poodles.  And that's only because I love Xena.  If this were any other title, I'd probably pass on the next issue entirely.  Overall "okay," with the possibility of setting up a great series if they get it right in the next one.