Comic Review: C-3PO #1

Big Star Wars Fan and pretty much now allocated to read all the Star Wars comics especially with everything being canon, so the see Threepio comic was definitely on my list.

This book, just like Poe Dameron, takes place leading into The Force Awakens. The first couple of pages just really didn't do it for me. Tony Harris' art seemed off and it was just way too busy.

Once it got into the meat of the story, the tone changed. It becomes less busy and more centered as you really start to feel for the droids. You learn some interesting information about Threepio, which makes him feel more like a human than a droid, and James Robinson does just that.

For me, I couldn't help but read this in Anthony Daniels voice. I feel like it just had to be done.

Overall, the book was well put together and tells a fun story that expands the story before The Force Awakens takes place.

Rating: 8/10 If you're a Star Wars -- especially a Threepio -- fan, then you will enjoy this book.