Trailer Review: Dr. Strange

Hey! Watch this!

Well, that wasn't what I was expecting.

To preface, I'm not that big a fan of the Dr Strange character. There's something about him that's never worked with me. I think the only time I appreciated the character was in Triumph and Torment, a graphic novel by Roger Stern and Mike Mignola that saw Strange accompany Dr Doom into hell (INCREDIBLE read if you can get your hands on it). 

However, there was something absolutely compelling in this trailer. 

Could it have been the supremely inspired casting? Benedict Cumberbatch is one of the top leading talents going today, and he showed total regret, remorse, awe, excitement -- all convincingly -- in the span of a couple minutes. Tilda Swinton was a bold choice to play the Ancient One, but her calm demeanor overlaid an immense well of power. Hell, she seemed almost playful when discussing the supernatural with Strange. Chiwetel Ejiofor as Baron Mordo is perfect, as he has the gravitas to play opposite of Cumberbatch in terms of screen savvy, and Mads Mikkelson's casting was so exciting that multiple tents were pitched worldwide in joyous euphoria (personally, I think he's going to embody the Dread Dormammu). 

Was it the mind-bending special effects? This film looks like it took a page out of Inception's book, but who cares? If it can take the best from a flawless-CGI film, then GREAT. Between Mikkelson's hallway spiralling and the New York skyline being cloned and twisited, you'd think this was shot with an MC Escher filter or something. This was only the tip of the Weird Iceberg, so imagine what transversing dimensions will look like. 

Maybe it was the cinematography? The juxtapositions of healthy and broken Strange are powerful. Every shot had a grandeur to it - the full scope and power of a scene is captured in a widening shot. Every close up of Strange conveys the sheer efficacy of Cumberbatch's emotional range. The hospital scenes are powerful. The car wreck is powerful. The mountains, cities, villages...that was a lot of shit to convey in just about 2 minutes, but it was all lined up gorgeously.

Whatever it was that worked so well obviously resonated with us:

I liked it. I have faith in the studio. I'm interested to see if Marvel is trying to bring about their multiverse. If so... Miles? Also that Lindros rider seems to becoming part of Marvels boilerplate. - Kevin "Captain Dick Sledge" Carley

That was so much Ancient One. This looks like it's going to be super weird. A good super weird - Ben "Braven the Hunter" Raven

I don't really know much about Dr Strange but I know Cumberbuns and i dig it - Jon "Kastamawmuzzo" Calvaruso

That final scene with him Cumberswagging in full Strange garb made my pants quiver. I wanted more Mordo but also got way more Ancient One than I expected. Tilda Swinton looks like Oscar bait if I've ever seen it. Benestrange sounds like he put some real effort into a unique character voice. I'll be interested to see if it holds throughout the movie. - Droo "Dr Beardface" McCarthy

Marvel Entertainment's Doctor Strange skips into theaters November 4th, 2016