James Cameron Just Confirmed a Literal Buttload of Avatar Movies

Holy Avatar, Cameron! 

While it's been about seven years since our first enchanting trip to Pandora, James Cameron confirmed four -- not three as previously believed -- Avatar sequels at CinemaCon today.  

The first sequel will drop during the holidays in 2018, then 2020, 2022 and 2023. There is no word on casting, but one would assume Zoe Saldana is booked pretty tight with Marvel and Star Trek stuff, among other things.

"It's going to be a true epic saga that's told in this rich and complex world," Cameron said at the event in response to Sean Parker's Screening Room initiative. "There's always been some kind of threat to the theater-going experience, but we've always answered that threat in the same way. By being great, and showmanship."

Cameron appeared as a surprise guest when he made the announcement and said the sequels will be a "true epic saga."

"I've been working the last couple of years with a team of four top screenwriters. To design the world of Avatar going forward: The characters, the creatures, the environment, the new cultures. So far, the art I'm seeing, is in pure imagination, really far beyond the first film," he said.