Movie Review: Justice League V Teen Titans

Raven: Everyone needs a home Damian, even you.

Damian: Thank you for chiming in witch girl.

Raven: Your grandfather was a demon, and trust me, I know about demons.

I've mentioned before how much I love the New 52 movies. This movie is different than those that came before it however. There are moments of heartwarming bonding that pulls at the strings of adolescent acceptance. There is a redefinition of what it means to be family. There is an emo rock music montage and DDR dance battle between Beast Boy and Robin.

It is also creepy as hell.

This might be my favorite of all of them.

Diana: What do we do, wait until he pulls the moon from the sky?

Bruce: No we... has he said anything about doing something like that?

Like previous movie reviews, I'll keep the spoilers at a minimum. Suffice to say it is the story that revolves around Trigon's daughter and his impending entrance to the mortal realm. Most DC fans are familiar with the story, but the execution of that narrative is far different than what we have had before. Alliances and friendships broken. Your acceptance of a Sailor Moon like transformation scene will be tested.

Damian: Faith is a belief in the absence of data; it invites disaster. 

Everything about this movie is thought out. Every bit of this movie is in service to the fans. There are subtleties that you will not catch in the first watching: from Starfire's bending in front of a laptop camera to show Dick Grayson her cleavage to the the implacable expressions of Raven.

But lest you think this movie lacks any of the amazingly choreographed fight scenes that defined the previous movies had, I will lay those fears to rest. It maybe more mystical and super-powered, but the martial arts are still amazing. Plus Beast Boy flattens a demon as an elephant. 

The voice acting and dialog choices are just as brilliant as the story and art direction. The snarky quips of Damian are almost as delightful as his silent judging of Beast Boy.

Garfield: So your mom did it with Satan?

Raven: His names Trigon, but yes they did.

Garfield: So they totally did it.

Buy this movie. Do it for your loved ones. Do it for yourself. Do it so DC keeps making excellent animated features despite the terrible live action ones. 

Rating: 10/10 Demonic Flickering Head Turns.