Breaking News: Willem Dafoe cast in Justice League movie.

The man who is best known by nerds for playing Norman Osborn in the Raimi Spiderman films will be playing a role in the upcoming Justice League movie. It's also reported that he will be working with another Raimi cast actor of J.K. Simmons. 

It is said he will be playing a "good guy."

This has led to the following reactions by the Nerds. 

Kevin - Willem Dafoe is in Justice League.


Kevin - He's playing a hero. Who would he play?

Droo - Dr. Fate maybe? Has that kinda regal and stately voice, the on screen presence. I can't imagine they would go Constantine.

Kevin - I want he him to be Maxwell Lord, that way he can become evil.

Droo - I think the obvious and stupid answer is Martian Manhunter. He's the only founding member who is missing right now. Though I love the Maxwell Lord idea. Maybe as a good guy in part 1, bad guy in part 2 or a future movie.

Kevin - It will probably be a Bat-associate sense he will be interacting with Jim Gordon.

Grant - Bullock? Jim Corrigan?

Kevin - Bullock. Fucking brilliant

Droo - I swear to God, Skinny Bullock is worse than Mustacheless Gordon.

Kevin - he can eat

Grant - I don't know - batman Earth One has a skinny bullock that worked well

Kevin - POINTS to Grant

Droo - I just felt like Donal Logue was the only great bit of casting in Gotham. I prefer my Bullock chunky. That's all I'm saying. However, in support of an idea I don't like, Simmon and Willem are the exact same height and both about 4 to 6 inches shorter than Batfleck and Supes which would work well on screen to make them normal men vs the "gods".

So what do you all think? Who is Dafoe going to play?