The Flash: Season 2 Episode 18 'Versus Zoom' Review (some spoilers)

Heading into Episode 18 of Season 2 of The Flash, we are coming off of Barry's risky time-jump in which we aren't completely sure what the true ramifications are. 

Sure, he got a nice video from Eddie for the struggling Iris and Hartley Rathaway is buddies with the time, but we still don't know what else may be different if anything at all. 

What's important to know heading into the "Versus Zoom" episode is that Barry allegedly has the formula to increase his speed to defeat Zoom. Also, the fact that the blue lightning streaks mean that Zoom is sick and/or dying. 

"Versus Zoom" 

The pressure of following up a time travel, emotionally and interesting as hell episode was going to be a daunting task in the first place. 

We get a little more Hunter Zolomon teaser with a eerie Barry-esque origin story, but on Earth 2. Without knowing much about the character, this is a pretty dark character teaser. We haven't been shown much in regards to character. 

Barry and Team Flash struggle and pout their way through figuring out how to get back to Earth 2. Barry thinks Cisco holds the key to going back, but Cisco is still a little emotionally scared of his abilities. 

It's kind of annoying at this point. He knows he has these powers and that they could potential hold the solution to their problem, but he just isn't able to channel it. He's still embarrassed by the Vibes, at first. 

Something's up with Cisco and they are really playing it up and laying it on pretty thick. 

One of the most rewarding aspects of this episode was to see the slow burn relationship between Wally and Joe actually start to ignite. I'm still super curious to see what direction this show goes with Wally West. 

Cisco has an Anakin Skywalker moment in what is a deeply, emotional and personal scene with Barry. It's eerie. Cisco is legit scared he's going to go all apeshit evil like ReVerb when he discovers how powerful he is. 

Back to the Star Wars reference, it's the ability to deliver such a perfect reference soaked with nerd juice but to have it come in a moment that feels raw and emotional is what makes this show standout so much sometimes. 

It's not forced, but a real authentic moment shining with Cisco's personality. 

Gosh, finally a payoff moment. It feels like we've been waiting and waiting for another showdown with Zoom forever now. It's nice to see something come to fruition after they closed all the time breaches. 

The special effects and shooting of the Barry vs. Zoom scene is fantastic. The dark room mixed with the varying lightning flashes and well-timed slow-motion shots are nearly perfect. 

(major spoiler zone)

Finding out Zoom is a real life serial killer makes him that much more terrifying. We truly see that he will do anything no matter what the cost, to do what it takes to find a cure. Seeing his actual personality makes this character seem like even bigger of a challenge. 

Man I love that Zoom suit and terrifying voice. This show has done a fantastic job at making this super villain seem unstoppable. 

In all honesty, I wouldn't call this a bad episode by any means but also not its strongest effort.

The explanation of Zoom, Jay and Hunter is not done very well. There's a lot of inner-workings and if they wanted this reveal to really deliver, then they should have made more time to make sure it actually makes sense to everyone. 

What we eventually figure out is that Jay (was also Hunter Zolomon and went back and time and tricked himself into posing and getting murdered for his cause) is actually zoom and he pretended to be both The Flash and Zoom on Earth 2. 

It's just a lot to handle in the time frame it was delivered. It's like eating a juicy T-Bone steak in 90 seconds. You didn't enjoy it, you're sweating and confused if you're still hungry or not. 

You know what pisses me off about this all even more? The fact that one of the showrunners was quoted to saying Jay isn't a bad guy. THEN WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT EXPLANATION?

Famous Flash writer and legend Mark Waid even called showrunners out for this. You know, why is Jay Garrick a bad guy?

That's a tweet from a showrunner. So I guess the explanation I think we all got isn't actually the explanation, but if it isn't actually the explanation then what the hell does that tweet mean?

These are not good questions to have this late in a season that has been so extremely strong and I haven't had any issues with until the Zoom reveal. 

Apparently this was The Flash episode that ties in with the Supergirl episode. When Barry disappears for a split second with the new gear on, that's when he hits another world. 

Makes sense now when he goes "HOW LONG WAS I GONE." 

All in all, a not great, not terrible and slightly mind f*ck of an episode.