Not 1, Not 2 but 3 DCEU Green Lanterns?

Rumors are swirling that DC's 2020 Green Lantern movie will feature not one, not two but three Sector 2814 Green Lanterns. 

No surprise on John Stewart or Hal Jordan, but Kyle Rayner has somehow squeezed his greasy little paws into the picture. These rumors come through Nerdist via the Latino Review. 

So, we're going full Green Lantern Corps if these turn out to be true. 

Latino Review's sources are claiming that Jordan will have some Matt Damon-esque age to him as Rayner and Stewart will go the young lad route. 

There's a lot to take in here. Three Green Lanterns that DC will most likely integrate into the Justice League and, you would have to imagine, some of the other standalone films. 

Once these rumors are set in stone, let's plan to drool over casting rumors.