Comic Review: X-Men '92 #1 is neat and it will make you feel old

While X-Men '92 #1 existence is only to capitalize on arguably the most recognizable incarnation of the group, it does a damn good job of taking readers on a fun trip down the back-roads of yesteryear. 

Chad Bowers and Chris Sims handled the writing while Alti Firmansyah did the art and Matt Milla the colors. Firmansyah and Milla deserve a lot of praise for their work on this book, as it screamed quintessential early '90s X-Men.

Not that the story didn't, but for this to work and not annoy fans, it needed to look like this. Like the popular cartoon series. Like the 1992 incarnation of these characters. They managed to make it their own while clearly honing in on what this book was intended to do. 

So, to that, I say bravo. 

The characters and story is pure stereotypical X-Men, but mostly Wolverine. There is still some original fun in here in bits and pieces, but this book reminds me of the Rick and Morty episode "Total Rickall." 

Allow me to explain myself: We can only remember the parts we love or cherish about these characters and that's what this book is putting under a magnifying glass. Like, nothing shitty or bad that happened on that 1992 run is being put under a microscope. 

Comic Book Resources put it nicely in their review of the book: 

Bowers and Sims intend to introduce one of the most convoluted, unresolved plots of the post-Claremont X-era into the ‘92verse.
— Matt Little -- CBR

See what I'm saying? I'm so glad I stumbled on CBR's review. It's like their scrubbing each potentially bad memory clean while over emphasizing each character's most popular traits.

This is actually really fascinating.  

Milla is the MVP of the first issue of this series as it feels just like an animated series. His colors and Firmansyah's art are what make this book worth owning. The big panels of Wolverine flying at you violently and cartoonish colors make this book pop. 

Rating: 7/10 Watch out for Milla. He's got a nice feel.