Movies: Warner Bros rolling the dice on D&D again.

I was sophomore in undergrad when the "Dungeons and Dragons" movie, the Marlon Wayans wheel-less vehicle, opened my eyes to how cruel and senseless the wider world can be. It was the untended education of what happens when people who know nothing about an intellectual property they are trying to exploit make a Hollywood film.

I imagine an executive at New Line saying, "It's got "dragons" in the title, so we should load it up with poor CGI dragons." 

This movie set back any attempts of adventures in Abeir-Toril till, well, now.

So Warner Brothers has been pitched about a new D&D feature length movie. They even want a "Vin Diesel type" actor as a lead under the direction of Rob Letterman who helmed the modestly well reviewed "Goosebumps" last year.

But if you look closer at the press release you notice that Courtney Solomon, the director of the terrible 2000 film, is a producer. You also notice no names that actually write novels set in the myriad of D&D settings attached to a script.

This is what angers me. I'm sure Ed Greewood, RA Salvatore, or Paul S Kemp would be excited to attach their credentials to movie promoting the genre that led them to their god-hood. 

I want to be optimistic. I want a character driven, Faerûn based, action adventure.

I doubt I will get that.