Preacher will be one of the Most Insane TV shows of All Time; Good or Bad

Preacher was one of those series that I would always have to tell people "I just never got around to reading it." 

The (now extremely appropriate) response was always "whaaaaaattttt ... ?"

The time is up, I scooped up Preacher Book One, which compiles issues one through 12 and let me just say, wow. It's the perfect mix of bat-shit crazy, being too clever for its own good, violent, vulgar and thought-provoking content. 

Whether AMC's TV adaption is good or bad, failthful or not, this has the chance to be cable television's most insane series of all time. 

I don't feel like that's overreaching. 

If you haven't read the book, make sure to at least read Preacher Book One prior to the show's Mat 22 premiere. 

Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon created the series, which is hailed as one of the all-time great books and helped usher in a new generation of graphic novels, characters and comic books. 

Preacher focuses on Jesse Custer's complicated life as a preacher with an inbred, terrifying past in Annville, Texas. Custer becomes possessed by Genesis, which is the spirit of the offspring from a demon and angel.

That's where I'll stop. Ennis, the series' creator and writer, is an open atheist but don't think or believe for one second that this book is trying to sell you one way or the other.  Shit often gets real, dark and takes turns you won't expect. 

It's glorious. 

Dominic Cooper plays Jesse Custer: Most of you will recognize Cooper's face as Howard Stark from an assortment of Marvel movies and TV. He has the look, but goodness, talk about a tough character to step into. The early sneak peaks at photos make me feel good, because dammit, he looks the part. 

Check out this trailer: 

Ruth Negga plays Tulip: For those who don't recognize her name, check out the show "Misfits." It's a quirky little show about juveniles getting struck by a storm who gain superpowers. It's on Hulu and everyone has neat British accents. She's not blonde and doesn't resemble the book incarnation of Tulip in the least bit, but she has enough experience in this genre to merit a chance from the Preacher diehards. 

Negga has Tulip eyes. Go read the damn book if you don't know what that means. Her eyes are very active, open and expressive. Her facial expressions match her language and tone, and that has got to be one of Tulip's most defining characteristics. 

Check out this headline from Forbes from the advance screening review of Preacher's pilot episode: 

"Review: AMC's 'Preacher' Pilot Is Everything You're Not Supposed To Do On TV"

Did anyone else feel that air tickle their arm hairs? It wasn't the wind, a fan or the AC, it was the stinky, Mountain Dew flavored release of air from millions of nerds from around the world. 

I'm allowed to say that as I fall into that category. 

With its mix of dark humor, profanity, blasphemy, gore and general weirdness, Garth Ennis’ Preacher comic was long thought unadaptable to film, as Rachel Talalay struggled to make a movie version for many years. Now it’s finally being made…and it’s coming to basic cable. That fact, plus stoner comedian Seth Rogen attached as a producer, and a trailer that de-emphasized any supernatural elements, have all combined to make fans a little wary of what’s coming. Now, however, fan screenings of the pilot, such as the one last night at L.A.’s WonderCon, have spread the good word – the unfilmable has been televised, and so far it’s everything it needs to be.
— Luke Y. Thompson --