Captain America: Civil War short! Watch Iron Man take on Cap in first-person video

Let's all take a moment, bow our heads and thank the Gods for the talented folks over at Ismahawk

Ismahawk has a highly-addictive YouTube channel where they break down what if matchups and other awesome fan videos, but they took it to another level by putting the viewer inside of Tony Stark's suit during his fight with Captain America. 

From Iron Man pulling his helmet down while sitting on top of a building to him locating the action to the action itself, this is amazing. Watching Iron Man's hand go up in action is enough to give me chills. 

Check this awesome stuff out: 

This is the type of thing that gets nerds all excited and stuff like that. Hey, I might even go outside today thanks to these guys boosting my confidence by making me feel like Iron Man. 

It's a clear, well-shot video that truly gives you the feeling of being Iron Man. It's fantastic and the stuff nerdy wet dreams are made of.

Seriously, this is awesome. Check out their page, like them on Facebook and all that stuff. They've found some new fans in us.