Elden Henson, Jon Bernthal Motor City Comic Con panel recap with video

Elden Henson, luscious locks and glorious beard intact, and Jon Bernthal stopped by Motor City Comic Con for an extremely entertainment panel, Q&A session Saturday, May 14.  

Before I recap it with some words and stuff, check out a video from the panel as we dipped our toes into the Facebook live world: 

Man, watching Jon Bernthal process answers live and in-person is worth it alone. Jon said it best, he comes off as just a normal, good, conversationable dude. He also loves us Michiganders, so we've got that going for us! Hooray for blind Midwestern politeness!

But the guys from Netflix's Daredevil talked about past roles, the characters they play, how serious Charlie Cox takes himself and so much more. Enjoy the video and follow the Court of Nerds for everything Motor City Comic Con this weekend. 

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