Videos, how to follow along and awesome people to see at Motor City Comic Con

Jon and I are representing the Court of Nerds this weekend at Motor City Comic Con and OOO WEEEE it has been a blast and we still have more than a day to go!

There is truly something for everyone here; you can lose your head digging for that issue you need for hours, checking out the shirt tower or gawking at the celebrities and amazing cosplay talents, it's all here. 

We've bumped into some of our close personal friends and done our best to chronicle the journey. Follow us on twitter @Court_of_Nerds, on Facebook at The Court of Nerds and on Snapchat at Court_OfNerds! 

Ming Chen and Mike Zapcic of AMC's Comic Book Men were nice enough to record a video of us. These guys are super friendly, down to earth and inviting so come hang out with them while you can.  We asked what their favorite part of doing the con tours was, and they broke our hearts (in a good way), by saying "dudes like you guys." Watch their show. 

Then we ran into the supremely talented couple Karen and Darrin Brege of Mick Morris Myth Solver. They do some super awesome work and have an impressive selection of posters, drawings and books. The Brege's website is 

I can't forget to mention Langes Comics and Collectibles from Muskegon. My God, guys. Jon and I were at Motor City Comic Con for literally five minutes when we stumbled into their booth. The books were plentiful. The issue-by-issue arc collections are killer. Keep it up guys, you're a blessing to comic book fans. 

Shit, what else? There's some awesome Batgirl merch here. Got me droolin' got me ADHD'n. You know. Um, also, Tara Reid has a Court of Nerds shirt now. We watched her put it in her bag, so that's neat. 

We're having a blast. Come see us if you're here. Motor City Comic Con is a must if you weren't able to make it this year.  One more day, stick with us!