Videos, recaps and goodbyes from Motor City Comic Con

What a weekend. 

Thanks to Motor City Comic Con for being so welcoming and putting on one heck of a three-day weekend. It was cold, the weather really sucked but this group proved they are among the best of the best with its showing this weekend. 

Scroll through for a recap and videos from Ben and Jon's Day No. 3 adventures. 

After grabbing a beverage at the hotel bar next to Tara Reid (who wasn't wearing her Court of Nerds shirt), Ben and Jon stood next to a brick wall outside in the cold weather to say words. 

Good lord, for some reason, for some reason, for some reason, Bob Layton, co-founder of Valiant Comics and that little book Iron Man Demon in a Bottle talked to us about how awesome he is. That's not sarcasm, this dude is as friendly and accessible as they come. 

Later on, we ran into Gavin Willard of Tardy's Collector Corner,  2009 Eastern Ave. in Grand Rapids, and we talked with him about what a shop owner does when he isn't, ya know, running a booth! 

We then had the chance to chat with the supremely talented Audra from Audra Olivias Attic. She travels the country going to con with her insanely awesome original art. The handsome bearded guy in the video, Cody Lockwood, just happens to be Ben's comic book guru at Nostalgia Ink. in Jackson, Mich.

We eventually had to begrudgingly leave, but the amazing Daniel HDR and Karen and Darrin Brege made sure we left in high spirits!