Bandai Namco Undeterred by Xenoverse's Poor Reception, Makes Another

Last year, like many a DBZ fan, I bought Dragon Ball Xenoverse thinking it would be another addition in a long line of fun fighting games set in the world given to us by Akira Toriyama. I found that instead of a fighting game we got... something... something that really wasn't a fighting game. It was a "fighting game" for the people who didn't really like fighting games but really liked the Sims and wanted to make their own character in the DBZ Multiverse. 

I tried liking it. I tried on several occasions. I told myself I just had to progress a little bit farther and then I would start having fun. The fun never really came for me as well as many of the traditional fans of DBZ's fighting games. Maybe it just meant I had moved on.

But man I want in on some of the Dragon Super fights from this past season, and Bandai Namco is going to drag me back.

Just... can I please get a more linear story mode that doesn't require me to interact through an always on-line courtyard? Just a "Hey, I just want to fight" mode that I can access from the main menu?   

Preciate It.