Doc Shaner, Jeff Parker dish on 'Future Quest,' one of this week's top pulls

This week's top pulls is back, and we're going to take a closer look at one of the Court's chosen ones thanks to Evan "Doc" Shaner and Jeff Parker.

Parker, Shaner and Jordie Bellaire, who have worked together on DC Comics "Convergence: Shazam" and Image Comics' "Flash Gordon", are back on DC's revamped "Future Quest," which drops Wednesday, May 18. 

The new take on the Hanna-Barbera universe has opened Shaner, Parker and Bellaire up to a plethora of characters to bring to life in the story revolving around Jonny Quest. 

Parker said this project could have been a daunting one, but that going into it with talents like Shaner and Bellaire makes it that much easier. 

Shaner said the story starts with Space Ghost, then jumps back in time across the galaxy to see his past at a key point. "People are used to reading comics," he said. "I don’t think they’ll be distracted by starting on another planet for the first couple of pages."

When compared to the other DC/Hanna-Barbera revamps, Future Ghost is much more recognizable with fans and stays in line with its past. 

"Reinventing this product would make it something else. This isn’t about continuity, but about treating these characters as myth," Parker said. "We elude to Harvey Birdman’s Sun god origins, but don’t go into it a lot. You might have to build some of the story in your head."

Future Quest looks fantastic in the advanced images and the story sounds as if it is going to be a fun, old-school adventurey one with a bunch of jokes and lovable characters. To check out a gallery of some of the preview images, click here.  

All right, some of this week's other top pulls: 

Civil War II #0

My take: It's the beginning of a big Marvel storyline. Jump on, dip those toes in and get a feel for it. Bendis is writing it. 

Marvel's take: The opening salvos of the war that will fracture the Marvel Universe will be fired here! Today Marvel is pleased to present your first look inside CIVIL WAR II #0 – coming to comic shops and digital devices this May! From the blockbuster creative team that brought you House of M and Siege – Brian Michael Bendis and Olivier Coipel bring you the blistering first chapter of the comic event of the year. His name is Ulysses – a new Inhuman with the ability to profile the future. His emergence sends shockwaves through the Marvel Universe. Will they use his power to alter the future and control their destinies? Or will they reject it – and allow tomorrow to unfold without interference.

Sinestro #23

My take: I have not read this consistently, but when I have, it's been a fun freaking ride. Cullen Bunn handles the words while Martin Coccolo makes her pretty. This is a book a lot of people are having trouble saying goodbye to with DC's Rebirth about to launch at the end of the month. 

DC's take: Soranik Natu is now in command of the most powerful—and most dangerous—police force in the universe! But with murderous traitors in the ranks, vengeance-hungry Red Lanterns spreading through the depths of space, and her father, Sinestro, trying to guide her hand, will she be able to maintain control? Or will she crack under the pressure?

Lumberjanes #26/Lumberjanes Special Axe Tale 2016 #1 

My take: Buy both of these. The special Axe Tale is $7.99, but these are just fun. Drew told me about them like something a month ago and I finally got around to checking this Boom! book out. Jen Wang writes this one and is joined by Catherine Norrie on art. 

Boom!'s take: What's to Love: Not only does this oversized one-shot feature a whopping 40 pages of brand-new, original, Lumberjanes stories, but we welcome two of our favorite creators to the campground: writers Jen Wang (In Real Life, 2017's The Prince and the Dressmaker) and Kelly Thompson (Jem and the Holograms), and artists Christine Norrie (Hopeless Savages) and Savanna Ganucheau (Fresh Romance)! What It Is: Jen takes the girls on a nature walk to show them which plants are edible in case they need to survive in the wilderness. Along the way, she tells them the story about an axe murderer who took his friends out, one by one until no one was left, thoroughly scaring Mal. Terrified and unable to sleep, Mal thinks she sees something lurking outside. Is it...THE AXE MURDERER?!?!

Pretty much until Rebirth launches, I recommend scooping up those DC's titles coming to an end. You want to be caught up on how things are left and most of these books are $2.99.