Reddit user spoils DC Rebirth's debut, deletes account, everywhere else reports it

We'll let some other websites report on the spoilers from the upcoming one-shot DC Rebirth release, which is set for release Wednesday, May 25. 

The brave Reddit user SuperAe16 who posted the spoilers, cover and photos from the inside, has heroically deleted his account. /sarcasm 

The issue isn't with the release of spoilers itself, as that happens with advance reviews and things like that. For a little lesson, there is embargoed material which means a listing of OK to report and not OK to report following each interview/press release; you get the picture. 

This Reddit user just posted willy-nilly whatever he wanted, and the comic book press reported on it with the belief "hey, don't shoot the messenger." As someone who reports for a living, it bothers me to see this type of disregard for your sources just because it wasn't you who originally spoiled stuff you weren't supposed to spoil. 

Seriously, the leakage from the DC Universe: Rebirth special by Geoff Johns forced DC to life the embargo on its plot details early. A Reddit leak and subsequent reporting forced DC's hands into releasing more than they wanted.

It directly affected the creative content team's plan, and that's where outlets crossed the line.

Seriously, again, Geoff Johns spoiled the whole fucking issue to USA Today after Reddit took us to Spoiler Creek. Maybe he had this interview planned the whole time, but it would be shocking to find out that this interview would have gone the direction it did without the Reddit spoilers. 

In an attempt to pre-empt details of the issue leaking out over the weekend, Geoff Johns spoke to USA Today about the new comic, which offers a window into the future for all sorts of heroes in the DC Universe ...
— James Whitbrook

Out of respect for the writers, artists, colorists and editors who busted their asses to put this product out, we'll let you decide if you want to read the spoilers or not ... but it's not going to happen here. 

Instead, I'll just tell you to buy the book DC has been touting for months now, and read for yourself as intended. 

DC Comics was betrayed by someone whom they trusted with advanced material, and not only were they stabbed in the back by this former Reddit user, but they were stabbed in the back by website's they regularly work with. 

I'm not accusing anyone of anything other than republishing unethically obtained material, and I think that's damning enough. 

In doing research for this post, I was surprised to see the varying degrees and the excuses put forth to defend pushing these spoilers onto more eyes. 

Here's a line directly from Bleeding Cool's article: 

DC Comics released copies to certain news sites this week who were embargoed not to run information. But they have leaked out. But because Bleeding Cool was not one of those chosen sites, we are not embargoed from running the information below. And then those other sites will be allowed to run these details… because Bleeding Cool has run them.
— Rich Johnston of Bleeding Cool

This response is extremely troubling to me. A media organization isn't granted advances, sees spoilers, admits that reporting spoilers is wrong ... UNLESS it wasn't you who released the spoilers to the world. 

Isn't your relationship with publications, writers and artists more important than short-term page views?

I thought this paragraph was embarrassing, and they would have been better off writing something like "annnnnddd that's the wayyyyyyy the news goes." shared the spoilers with this paragraph

Don’t read these SPOILERS if you have any plans to read the issue itself when it hits stands in a few days. Avoid spoilers at all cost - it’s a special book, and one best read with no prior knowledge going in.
— Matthew Mueller of

Such an interesting approach. Who are you reporting this for if they weren't intending to read the book? You're pushing information that someone unethically shared with the public, so, you're not doing us a favor with this line. not only talked about the spoilers on a hosted podcast, but also highlighted its 6 biggest takeaways from the greasily obtained spoilers. 

A few days ago, someone who managed to get their hands on an early copy of Rebirth #1 leaked a few major plot points on Reddit, prompting DC Comics to allow a handful of websites to publish their reviews and spoiler breakdowns early. What you’ll find here is the latter, and if you’re curious about just how much the Geoff Johns penned tale shakes up the DC Universe, you need to keep on reading.

Hey, I'm happy that they didn't force some sort of apology or contradictory warning. 

IGN followed suit with a "hey, if you want to read this book quit reading this" warning. 

Here's how a Reddit moderator responded:

Hey, folks. So with copies of DC Universe: Rebirth #1 being sent to retailers, there are certain to be spoiler leaks circulating around the Internet. Obviously, many of us are excited for Rebirth, and want to experience the story fresh and unspoiled. We’ll be enforcing Rule 3 very tightly. That is, to say, unmarked Rebirth spoilers prior to Wednesday (5/25) will result in an instant ban. That goes for joke spoilers as well. If you absolutely must get something off your chest, your spoilers must be blacked out with the spoiler markup and clearly labeled

this all seems extremely contradictory at a frustrating level