WWE Extreme Rules 2016: The Demise of the Finishing Move (spoilers)

We've been teetering on this slippery slope for a very long time, but it appears we've officially gone of the grid. 

Exciting false finishes vs. devaluing a finishing move, big spot. 

We have officially crossed the line from exciting, to bogging down impact moves. 

This isn't about AJ winning or Roman winning last night's WWE Extreme Rules main event, it's about the point that AJ hit his finisher twice, once on a chair and throw in the fact that The Club hit their finisher on Roman and you've basically taken AJ and The Club's legitimacy away and left a big Cleveland steamer on their chest in the process. 

This leaves me, and many others, stuck in a very frustrating position. 

The main event was an exciting, fun match, but my God, everyone is too afraid of what's going to happen to AJ, that it's really taken away from the surprise of Seth Rollins. We watched AJ hit Roman with everything he had, and Roman pumped into his Cena powers more than Cena has ever, himself. 

I hate to say this, as I've never been in their position, but this comes off as just lazy storytelling from the writing, decision-making team.

The biggest takeaway from last night's main event:

  • How are we supposed to believe anything can beat Roman? 
  • Do The Uso's have any other moves in their set other than the superkick?
  • Why does the WWE writing staff believe that finishing moves = the only exciting moment possible 

It's time for the creative team to break this lazy mold they've cultivated over the past decade. I hate to sound like the Old Guy Shouting at the Cloud, but back in my day (ugh), a finishing move used to mean a finishing move.

As WWE moved farther away from the 90s, they also moved further away from this general way of thinking. 

We hit peak excitement at WrestleMania 25 with Shawn Michaels and the Undertaker. 

We hit peak overbooking, devaluation with last night's Extreme Rules show.  

It was shocking to see HBK kickout of the Tombstone; it was shocking to see these two trade finishers back and forth in a historically important match. 

The sad thing is, the WWE creative team clearly thinks the blueprint to that match is the only way to get the fans excited. There is no exact blueprint for a great, shocking match.

It's called writing. There, of course, is going to be some methodical writing but it's gotten to the point where every main event is essentially the same. Every three weeks. 

Not only did AJ hit the Styles Clash multiple times, but he gave Roman a WrestleMania 17-esque beatdown with the chair. So, what WWE is telling us, is that that series of moves is enough to beat The Rock in the main event of what is considered the greatest WrestleMania of all-time, but not enough to beat Roman in the main event at a B-Show. 

The sad thing is, my disappointment in the storytelling robbed me of my excitement to see the best all-around performer in the business make his return. 

I am thrilled Seth is back, love his new gear, his merch is cool, but these types of returns kill the story lover inside of me. AJ is just brushed to the side now? Hopefully, this gets addressed on Raw, but why wouldn't he be completely out of the title picture now? He threw everything at Roman and was unable to beat him for the second time in three weeks?

Also, how am I supposed to believe that a Pedigree even hurts Roman in the least bit?

The main event at Extreme Rules was essentially just a chance for Roman to beat the shit out of AJ, and for the chance for AJ to do a bunch of big spots and get his signature moves in. 

I mean, OK, everyone enjoys a big spot, so let's look at the shitload of the one's last night's Extreme Rules match produced: 

Big spots and surprise returns is never an excuse for lazy storytelling. I'm glad the crowd reacted the way they did for Seth's return, because I just wasn't feeling it. 

As for the rest of the show, the Women's match was booked lazier than the main event. Ric Flair is banned from ringside, just have somebody else interfere! What is this? WWE '12 Road to WrestleMania?

I literally fell asleep during the Dean and Y2J Asylum match, and I wasn't even tired. 

Thank God The New Day won. 

The Intercontinental match was booked, paced and executed extremely well. 

Big Cass is getting booked hella strong. I'd like to see him use that Razor's Edge sit=out powerbomb that Roman used tonight as his finisher. 

Rusev is a monster. Hope to see him booked that way.