Counterpoint: Overact to the Captain America content, but leave the threats at home

My lovable, dear friend Grant Stoye counterpointed my review of Steve Rogers Captain America #1, so I'm going to take a page out of Deadspin's book and counterpoint his counterpoint. 

Are people freaking out too much over this? Yeah, for sure. Especially you assholes sending Nick Spencer threats, hate mail, etc. It's a goddamn book. Knock it off. You idiots need to crawl in a hole and get out. 

BUT, I'm talking overreacting to the content. 

Sure, we've been told to let the creator create. We've been told to not overreact because look at Superior Spider-Man. 

Nope, that doesn't apply here. 

“Issue 2 will lay a lot of our cards on the table in terms of what the new status quo is, but the one thing we can say unequivocally is: This is not a clone, not an imposter, not mind control, not someone else acting through Steve. This really is Steve Rogers, Captain America himself” -- Nick Spencer to the gossip sites to promote his book 

So, you're telling me to just sit back, keep buying this book with my hard-earned money because don't worry everything will go back to the way it was ...

Hell no. 

Creating a ludicrous storyline just to wipe the slate eventually clean is not an excuse, it is not a mulligan, it is not creative, it's tabloidy and is a direct correlation of marketing impacting content. 

Turning Doc Ock into Spider-Man wasn't to drive sales, it was to replace Peter Parker, who happened to be "dead."

Huge difference. Enormous differences. 

There was an actual build to that storyline. While this Cap storyline might eventually make sense, the creator and editor are trying to tell us that the past 70-plus years of Cap Cannon will correlate with this storyline. 

That's not a build up. There was no climax. Issue No. 1 actually did a decent job building up the big reveal with the flashbacks and stuff, but the Superior Spider-Man had a build of like 2-3 issues. 

These are some cited weird Cap storylines: 

 Cap abandons American government, dons low-cut uniform.

 Cap's super soldier serum fails.

 Cap surrenders Captain America identity.

 Cap turns into a werewolf.

You know what the main difference is? Cap didn't turn his back on 70 years of fighting for his country, fighting against oppression, fighting against racism, fighting against Hydra, fighting against the people that we are supposed to just turn our heads the other way and cough while we get treated like actual idiots. When they turned Cap into a Werewolf they were treating us like idiots with a sense of humor, when they turned Cap into a Hydra whatever he is, they were just treating us like idiots. Mindless idiots who will buy the book just because of the Marvel tag on front. 

But, it's just issue one! Let's see where it goes ... 

This is the only point I have issues struggling with, but I power through when I remember that the only way not to make this a shit storyline is to essentially go back in time, create more confusing layers for readers and essentially erase everything you just revealed to us. 

It wouldn't matter if this was issue one, two or 69. 

Something that I originally overlooked was the fact that the Cap was created by two Jewish men to, you know, provide some patriotism against the Nazis. 

Here's a couple highlights from Nick Spencer's gossip interview tour: 

No, I love this stuff. I feed off it, it’s totally fine. It’s looking like it’s gonna be a no. 1 trending topic here in a second. I’m the most hated man in America today and Donald Trump is running for president!
— NS to The Daily Beast
What I think I can say about this, is one of the later conceptions of the story was “what if the new Hydra is a blank?” We wanted to kind of get away from the green and yellow costumes and the doomsday machines and things like that and really reconnect with what the organization has at its sort of moral core.
We’ve obviously seen a lot of growth in white supremacist organizations and extreme nationalist groups in the U.S., certainly over the last eight years. And so I had to do the ugly research of what’s drawing folks into those groups. What’s driving recruitment? The Skull speech is a slightly sanitized version of that stuff. It’s been a little interesting hearing people say, “Oh, he’s taking political shots.” We’ve done that kind of thing, where we used a lot of topical language in stories with varying degrees of sincerity. This was a little different. I was looking at something else when I came to this. If people see those things as similar, it’s not my place to say. (Laughs.)
— Again to The Daily Beast

Be mad at the content. Be mad at the editors. Be mad at Marvel. But, for f*ck's sake, there's no room for threats, death threats or any crap like that in this industry.