Comic Review: Batgirl New 52 Finale

Batgirl says goodbye to Burnside in her DC Comics New 52 finale while we say goodbye to one of the most overachieving, influential creative teams in quite some time. 

Seriously, there hasn't been a lead artist on this book for quite some time and it never felt truly inconsistent -- other than maybe a little thing here or there with like Black Canary's outfit -- during this time. 

We're told it's not the end, but we know it is, at least in this incarnation. 

Brendan Fletcher wrote our last Batgirl Burnside story for the foreseeable future, which took us from surprise parties, Birds of Prey beatdowns, Gotham Academy teasers and goodbyes. He kept a smooth pace and was able to put a fitting bow, yet predictable bow, onto this fantastic series. 

Babs Tarr's influence on this character is one that I hope leaves its mark for as long as I'm scooping these books up each Wednesday. She brings Barbara's face to life in such a real-life, relatable way that it's almost enchanting at times. Her constantly moving, reacting and overreacting eyebrows, lips and green eyes will not soon be forgotten.

Tarr did two covers for this finale, and frankly, I've picked out cars in a more timely manner than that decision. 

This book isn't a must-own by any means, it's comparable to the standalone finale of Batman's New 52 Run. It was the gentle, emotional closing of a door as a character we love moves onto different things. 

Batgirl's New 52 Run was fresh, innovative and featured some of the most consistent art from start to finish. Seriously, how do you lose Babs Tarr and not skip a beat? That's insane. Not only did they not skip a beat with her departure, but they didn't skip a beat even when freaking artists tagged in and out what seemed like every three pages. 

That's impressive communication, teamwork and one has to think, leadership.

Batgirl's New 52 run showed us anyone can learn to trust, meet new people, step out of their comfort zone and that Babs can hang with the A-listers when put in the right hands.

Fletcher, Stewart, Tarr,  Eleanor Carlini and Minkyu Jung and even more should be proud of what they accomplished. I'll miss the living hell out of this run. 

Rating: 8/10 Nothing groundbreaking here other than a proper goodbye to one of the most overachieving books and creative teams in recent memory.