SPOILER FREE REVIEW: Captain America Civil War

Where do I even start? I mean, this might be the toughest spoiler free review I've ever had to write. I'm so brimming with excitement from all the goods found in the latest installment to Marvel's ever-growing empire. However, I solemnly swear on my honor as a nerd that I shall spoil nothing as you read onward. Have faith in me, dear friends. I will not let you down.

Let's start with the acting. Chris Evans continues to impress as Cap. His values are neither haughty nor high and mighty. He's relatable while being super human. Evans once again captures everything that makes Captain America special. While I've joked plenty that this is simply Avengers 2.5, Evans owns the screen. This is to say nothing negative of the other actors, but Evans brings something extra in this one.

I could wax poetic about Robert Downey Jr as well, but you know what to expect from him and you get it in spades. The supporting cast nails their roles as well; If I were to name a few standouts, it would be first to Jeremy Renner. If there is not something solo for Hawkeye after this, Marvel is wasting an actor as perfect for his role as the 2 leads of this film. Renner is Clint Barton, through and through. 

The others that impressed were the newcomers to the team game. Paul Rudd did the most he could with his screen time and actually made me more excited for Ant-Man and Wasp. Chadwick Boseman is regal and savage. His demeanor was befitting a warrior of Wakanda and his mannerisms were pure royalty. 

And then....and then there's Tom Holland. Holy shit you guys - He's perfect. I mean that. Absolutely perfect. I want more of him as fast as possible. This is the Peter Parker you've been waiting your whole life for and Marvel gave him to you. 

The pacing of this movie is brilliant and the action delivers on a level I never could have expected. The Russos make sure you don't get a minute to relax, and if you do it's humorous and earned rest. My favorite thing was that as much as I loved Winter Soldier, they didn't make that movie again. They've made something new and improved. They blend the heart and action  together like your favorite writer's run on your favorite book. The Russos didn't miss many beats here. They love these characters and this universe and it shows. 


Civil War Alternate Poster

Civil War Alternate Poster

There were more nods here to the hardcore comic fans than I recall in Winter Soldier - I freaked out significantly at one passage lifted straight from the pages. I actually squealed, "This is EVERYTHING" under my breath and my friend Amy looked at me like a crazy person as tears filled my eyes. This is where Marvel wins. By showing such love and care to the fans who've been here for years, the fans who will still be here reading when the movies end. Those moments stick with you long after the credits roll. 

Now comes the nitty gritty: I found a FEW flaws with this flick, but believe me these are just small things. I would have liked more out of the villains. Not to say Daniel Brühl or Frank Grillo fell short in their efforts, but I felt they were underutilized. The same could also be said for William Hurt and Martin Freeman. However, with so many major players involved, finding screen time for the support staff is likely difficult. 

OVERALL RATING: 9/10 Perfect Teeth Punches  

Flat out the 2nd best film Marvel has made so far in my mind. Avengers was a 10. This was damn close.