Batman: Rebirth #1 Preview with Writer Tom King

We were lucky enough to be joined by Tom King for the second time earlier this month. King, the writer of Batman: Rebirth, talked about his upcoming run, the possibility of new villains, why people live in Gotham and if he has a Batman voice or not. 

Batman: Rebirth #1 drop Wednesday, June 1. The series will be a bi-monthly one and will rotate between artists David Finch and Mikel Janin, withJordie Bellaire on colors.

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This episode isn't called meat and taters for nothing, as we get right into the juicy stuff right off the bat. But, not before grilling King for dodging the Batman question the last time he came on ( 

"Whoa hey, you know I used to be a spy for our country," King quipped. "In spy training, you have a whole Marc Silvestri section." 

Grant then asked King if he felt any pressure in following the likes of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo. Snyder, who will co-write the first Rebirth issue with King, and Capullo's New 52 run ended with Batman #51. King said he certainly feels a ton of pressure in following such a critically acclaimed and revered run. 

"Like what's the opposite of 'no pressure'? All the pressure," he said. "Because, I feel like I'm following the greatest Batman run in history, which seems odd to say because there's been so many classic runs, but to me, in terms of sustained excellence over a period of time, like the way Greg and Scott did, I think it's unmatched.

"It's welcome pressure, it's what you're trying to get out of this whole career thing - to get this kind of pressure."

As for the Batman voice, he does have one, and he might even say it aloud while he's writing his script. It has Michael Keaton vibes with whispery Clint Eastwood undertones. 

When asked why he thought people lived in Gotham, he asked us right back "where else could they move?"

"I'm gonna move to Metropolis and have an asteroid land on my head every third Wednesday?" he joked. "You going go to Central City, and some super fast person is gonna tear your heart out for no reason! Where's the safe spot in the DCU?"

As for the villains who make the Gotham city so dangerous, King said there aren't plans to introduce a new one for at least the first two years. 

"We're actually adding two new heroes. So hopefully a little bit of a twist on that classic," he told us. "All the villains I'll be using, at least for the first two years, are the classic villains.

"I'm not trying to reinvent villains, I think the great villains have been invented and there's just so many toys to play with, I'm not eager to make a new toy."

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Batman #1 drops Wednesday in stores nation wide. It is our top pull of the week and here is the DC preview on the book: 

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