The Court of Nerds gab with Bob Camp, Larry Hama and Mark Hodges at C4

Ben and Grant just happened to be doing non-nerdy things with their respective families when they realized a con was going on near them. 

These two dashed into action, met up, hugged and embarked on Traverse City's Cherry Capital Comic Con! Heck here's a lesson we hope no one picks up on: deny our press passes and we'll still cover your event with crap-eating grins. 

Yeah, that's Bob Camp, you know the co-creator of Ren and Stimpy, just gabbing with us about working in Marvel's corrections desk and chilling with Larry Hama in the 1980s and his impending appearance at Grand Rapids Comic Con. 

That's right, Bob Camp is confirmed for GRCC! Get those tickets at 


Holy crap! Larry Hama. You know, longtime writer of G.I. Joe, Wolverine, The Punisher War Zone and countless more. He has acted on freaking  M*A*S*H and Saturday Night Live (although minor roles, but still!). He was nice enough to gab with Grant about anything and everything from Captain America as a Hydra agent to his time on Wolverine. 

Oh man, take it from the guy who helps keep our lights on here. Mark Hodges of Grand Rapids Comic Con. He talks surprises, other cons and, of course, his own con!

King of the City, Andy Budnick, embarks on his greatest challenge yet! As he takes on the 30-second drawing of Etrigan the Demon!

Grant catches up with our good buddy Gavin from Tardy's Collectors Corner! Go see them and celebrate its anniversary this weekend! They are located at 2009 Eastern Ave. in Grand Rapids, Mich. and have a Facebook page.