Blu-ray Review: RWBY Volume 3


So for the uninformed, RWBY is an incredible anime series from Rooster Teeth.

You should absolutely watch Volume 1 and 2 before diving into Volume 3. The story is set in the world of Remnant and focuses on the students of an academy in one part of this world. Team RWBY has four of the most endearing, strong female leads you're ever going to meet. I've personally enjoyed the episodes on YouTube, and this is my first delve into the Blu-rays of RWBY.

I'm mad I waited so long. 

Let me get the easy stuff out of the way first; This series is stunning and Volume 3 is a massive leap forward for an already great series. The story, which I violently refuse to give away, takes a turn into the larger mythos of the world around our four titular heroines in Team RWBY.

Ruby, Weiss, Blake and Yang are challenged in wholly new ways and forced to grow from students into leaders. Even with this, the supporting cast is not forgotten in all the action either. Team JNPR and the rest of Beacon are VERY strong along with Sun, Neptune and some characters new to Volume 3. Winter and Crow ... hells yes.

The expansion of Remnant myth and lore is incredible. 

The voice acting is phenomenal. Arryn Zech as Blake gets to show a ton of character growth as does Barbara Dunkelman's Yang. Miles Luna really stands out as Jaune and his moments near the end of Volume 3 really stand out. Lindsay Jones is once again pitch perfect as Ruby while Kara Eberlee shows us a far less frozen side of Weiss. The rest of the cast handles themselves very well, but Jaune and the big four really hit the high notes that they're given. 

I love the music in this show so much. Sooooo much. I was what hooked me. I get goosebumps when I hear "THIS WILL BE THE DAY YOU'RE WAITING FOR..." and we all sing it to each other frequently.

So thanks for being part of my daily life, RWBY.

OK, so on to the part I'm far less familiar with; Reviewing the Blu-ray as a product separated from my love of this series. I'll break it down by categories, mostly to help myself stay organized.



EXTRAS - There are a ton of behind the scenes extras that take you all the way back to the very beginning of RWBY. The discussion about the animation, the story and the team is fascinating and a must watch for any fan of the series. You learn so much about their dedication to excellence, and drive to constantly make the show better. Especially touching are the stories about RWBY creator Monty Oum, who passed away tragically.

I might have teared up a bit as I thought of a dear friend who passed while working together. This ... really got me. I cried. I won't lie.

But to end this section positive? The talk about the future of RWBY is everything you want. 

VISUALS -  Stunning. I mean that. This Blu-ray is a serious upgrade from my YouTube watching days, and well worth the $24.95 cover price for the combo pack from the Rooster Teeth web store. Everything is smooth and gorgeous. The attention to detail from the animators is to be applauded. 

Interface -  Easy to navigate and easier to find what you need. 

OVERALL RATING: 10/10 Torchwick Cigar Butts

This show brings it. Fighting, character growth, interesting sub plots, an ever expanding mythos and a giant world to explore. Combine that with the visual feast of the Blu-ray and the in-depth behind the scenes features and you have a great night in front of the TV.

With a runtime of around 3 hours including extras, this one you can knock out on a week night with your favorite anime buddy.

Photo inspired by Barbara Dunkelman's Twitter. What up Yang!

Photo inspired by Barbara Dunkelman's Twitter. What up Yang!