Civil War Just Made a SQUANCH-LOAD of Money

When Marvel decides it wants to dominate a movie weekend, they make sure that every other studio steers clear: Over Mothers' Day weekend there were no other major studio releases, and that allowed the Star-Spangled Avenger to rake in an incredible $181,791,000

That total, which sits as the fifth-largest film opening of all time, dwarfs Warner Brothers' Batman v Superman by nearly $20 million. Civil War's foreign gross over the weekend was a staggering $494 million, and that more than covers the film's $250 million production budget

The financial numbers actually serve to justify the ratings and reviews. For example, renowned movie rating site Rotten Tomatoes has the film rated as 90% fresh by critics, and 92% fresh by audiences. In comparison, Avengers Age of Ultron and Ant-Man were 84% and 86% fresh according to audiences, and those were two very favorably received films. 

Right now, this film is in a position to set a precedent for the comic book movie biz; audiences around the world are loving the film, gleefully handing over hard-earned money hand over fist. The story is gripping, the new characters are engaging, and this is only the first film of Marvel Entertainment's vaunted Phase Three. Civil War can also make Warner Brothers' DC Cinematic Universe very poor if it retains not just a high grade, but also doesn't lose too much box office momentum - it can fly past BvS sooner rather than later. 

Marvel Entertainment is sitting on a certified hit, but how much higher it can go depends entirely on an audience eager for more.