Court of Nerds picks its top pulls for May 11

Welcome to our latest column, true believers. This is where we'll outline the week's biggest upcoming titles, the ones slipping through the cracks, runs ending/starting and all that jazz. 

With DC's rebirth on the horizon, we have a couple of runs coming to an end and some others to keep an eye on as they wind down:

Black Panther #2:

Our take: If you haven't read issue No. 1 yet, get your ass away from the keyboard, run to the nearest comic shop and hop on the gravy train. Ta-Nehisi Coates gives us a T'Challa like never before. Check out our review of Black Panther #1 here: Comic Review: Ta-Nehisi Coates makes lasting impression in Black Panther debut

Marvel's synopsis: The darkest chapter of the Black Panther mythos continues as Wakanda crumbles from within. Enter: The Midnight Angels! Two mysterious women leading the citizen revolt against the current regime of Wakanda, challenging not only T'Challa's politics but also his resolve. But will their rage provide more for the people than the royal family has thus far?

Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #6 of 6: 

Our take: A miniseries that some of us laughed at a year ago, comes to an end.


This series has been so much fun and has proven that even when something starts as a weird, marketable idea, it can turn into some hella awesome creative content when put in the right hands. Bravo, Freddie Williams II and James Tynion IV. 

Publisher's synopsis: The crossover event of the year comes to its thrilling conclusion. The Turtles have one last, desperate shot at going home. But will they take it, knowing what nefarious plans Shredder has for Gotham City? It's full-on ninja warfare as our heroes go up against the combined forces of the Foot Clan and the League of Assassins. Co-published with IDW.

Batman #52 (first issue post Greg Capullo): 

Our take: The first issue post the splitting up of one of the most influential teams of the 21st Century takes place this week. Rafael Albuquerque hops on art with Scott Snyder. Hey, Snyder is still writing Batsy so freaking buy the book. Here's our review of Batman #51 from last month: Comic Review: Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo bid adieu to Gotham in Batman #51

DC's Synopsis: Echoes from Batman's past ripple out into Gotham City's future

Our take part two: Did you guys know that Batman's parents were killed in front of him? Sad!

Green Lantern Corps: Edge of Oblivion #5 of 6:

Our take: This book makes the list because the Green Lanterns are about to undergo some big changes with rebirth. Hop on, get a taste, get acclimated and prepared for another Geoff Johns Green Lantern Rebirth. All aboard the hype train. Also, if you don't like this book, just stare at Ethan Van Sciver's art in silence. 

DC's Take: Time is running out. The universe is collapsing-and the Green Lantern Corps must find a way to survive! The last thing they need now is a war. But, even though the universe only has days, it seems the Corps are determined to destroy themselves faster than that. It's friend against friend. Teammate against teammate. And, if one side wins, thousands of innocents will be lost.

Gwenpool #2

Our take: Shut up, Grant. Check out Emily's fun review from Gwenpool #1 last month: Comic Review: Unbelievable Gwenpool #1. It's a fun ride, hop on. 

Marvel's synopsis: Gwen finds herself unexpectedly working for a big-deal mercenary outfit... And she takes a gig pitting her head-to-head against THOR! It's the Goddess of Thunder vs. the Oddest of Wonders! Rated T+

Harrow County #12

Our take: I personally let this book fall through the cracks for too long. It was one of those books I knew I would enjoy so I kept buying it week after week (that's a whole other issue we'll save for another time.) It's a Cullen Bunn book with Hannah Christenson on art. It's a dark, scary book, meaning Grant will have to look away. 

Dark Horse's synopsis: When Emmy is called upon to investigate a haunted house, she's surprised by how . . . normal . . . the family that lives there is. But as she encounters mysterious bumps and creaks in the night, she finds that the house has dark secrets of its own. o Guest art by award-winning illustrator Hannah Christenson (Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard)! 'This is exactly what a good horror book should be: entertaining, gruesome, fun, and of course, thought-provoking.'-Comic Bastards

Action Comics #52

Our take: We've been told that this matters. Let's see. 

DC's synopsis: 'Super League' continues-as two Supermen meet at last: pre-New 52 Superman meets the current Clark. A force seeking to end both Men of Steel brings them together, but divided they may fall as one Superman must choose the safety of his family before himself.

Three you might have missed last week: 

Our close personal friend, Steve Orlando, sad goodbye to Midnighter with issue #12.

Tom King and Mitch Gerads pit the pin in a big arc on the Sheriff of Babylon.

Avengers Standoff: The end to the Pleasant Hill arc as Marvel takes another step toward Civil War II and the reintroduction of Steve Rogers as Cap and Bucky at the helm of the Thunderbolts. 

Keep an eye out for a bunch of the Hanna-Barbera DC titles to come out May 18!