Comic Review: Deadpool v Gambit (The v is for vs.) #1

Deadpool v Gambit is one of those books where it's hilarity has no structure. Ben Acker and Ben Blacker almost get so distracted with the "need" to make fun of millennials, hipsters and trends that they lose complete focus of what they are here to do. 

Danilo Beyruth rocks it on the art. I know his style isn't for everyone, but his unique style fits perfectly with these two characters. If Acker and Blacker can hone this in a little here, there is a chance for a full triangulated package. 

(Mild spoilers) 

We start off with Deadpool waiting in a long line for coffee in New York. His favorite coffee place was featured in a trendy magazine, so now it's filled with hipsters. This is joke No. 1 of 1,169 focused on hipsters. (What is this, 2014?) 

Guess who else is in line? Yeah, it's Gambit. 

That's a pretty hilarious way to start off a book titled Deadpool v Gambit. We then fall into a vortex of these two making fun of not only themselves, but the comic book storyline world. 

They look at each other confused, "Where did we leave this?" Are we fighting? Or cool? 

This is where one of the funniest little scenes in some time kick in. We're clearly inside of Deadpool's mind as he begins to tell the story of the last time these two met. This scene makes the book worth it. It shows that Acker and Blacker are teetering on the brink of nailing Deadpool. (Phrasing?) 

What's the title of our flashback scene? "That thing with Spider-Man and Daredevil." Spider-Man is dressed in a suit with a 1970s-animation-esque mask on. He's taking in a museum when Daredevil shows up: 

When you read this in Charlie Cox's serious voice; try not crying. This carries on for a while and introduces a little twist before the story in. I almost wish this would have been the scene where we end because we hit some jumpy turbulence after this. 

I need to point out, that Gambit is actually Gambit in this story. He meshes with Deadpool very well and is an actual character unlike a number of his past experiences. 

Rating: 6.5/10 Schmeckles

We're teetering on something more than OK. Danilo Beyruth's art, whether in insane Deadpool memory scenes or just Gambit and Pool gabbing, is fantastic. It has this kinetic, off-the-wall grittiness to it. Ben Blacker and Ben Blacker need to reel it in a little bit and gain some focus  and they should probably pick on a new group.

Making fun of Hipsters every other page is so 2014.